01 November, 2006


Or something.

I signed up for the blog-everyday-for-a-month thing. I know Marvin has been bummed that I have not been blogging much (and I wonder what he thinks about the ink?) And blogging is good for me...so here we are, back again.

I feel like I am looking for something. I don't feel like anything is missing, but I feel like I am on a quest. I am sure I will figure out more. Eventually.

Work is good - so incredibly busy I can't even tell you. But I definitely feel like I am in the right place for right now.

B is travelling a lot, which is fine. I am just jealous because he is in Toronto and Puerto Rico and Chicago and I go to...Raleigh...yippie!

I have new thoughts on the war. Which needs to end. Before more 20 year old boys are shot and stitched up and sent back into a plane and made to jump.

I have a new rule about Halloween - if you are old enough to ogle the MILF giving out the candy you are too old to trick-or-treat. And if you must lick your lips, please do it when she is not looking.

Corollary - If your 13 year old daughter is going trick-or-treating, please make sure she does not look like a hooker.

And note to Meghan: You will, someday, somehow, wear that Dora costume. Seriously.


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