20 October, 2006

Barefoot Haiku Friday

That's right...I'm dressed but barefoot, so it's Barefoot Haiku Friday

Korea sorry
Too little, too late assholes
Nuclear scares me

Never been so sick
Did Tuesday really happen?
I hear that it rained

All the magazines
Come in the mail at one time
Why do they do this?

What to be this year?
I am always a witch
This year - lusty wench?

I found a weird bump
Beneath my skin, between breasts
Is it a cyst or...?

I'm going next week
Dr. Greg will check it out
Thank God for that man

Jason is coming
Bringing Amy and Jamie
The house is a wreck

My feet feel so free
Before they are imprisoned
In red leather clogs

Have a great weekend everyone - hopefully Jason and Amy will consent to allow pics of King Nephew to be uploaded - I can't wait to see him and the girls playing together!! My 3 cuties!!



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