07 May, 2006

Jitters; Megs comes into her own; I sure deserved it; Reading

Tomorrow, believe it or not, I start not blogging about a new place. I used to not blog about the other place, but Friday was my last day of that. It's a good move for me, for what I eventually want to do (assuming I do not wake up one day with a brilliant novel on my screen that I have written in my sleep because otherwise I could not have been the one to write it). I am excited, but I already know most of the people there and I am not too terribly nervous about that...just the new job, first day jitters.

So I asked Bob to bring me a mocha latte to drink before bed...yeah, good move!

Megs comes into her own...
So my baby is two now. TWO! And suddenly she is most definitely her very own person. Some of the things she has said that have cracked me up...
1. "Shoes on Mommy. I want outside for just a minute." (As it rained and was 50 degrees and she had on a diaper and a t-shirt).

2. "Mommy I want milk." "Mommy I want cheese." (Every time the fridge opens).

3. (Running around with no diaper or clothes on) "Happy! Happy! Happy! EIEIO!!" (Two different songs...to the rest of us!)

4. "Jibber jabber; clicks and whirs" (pointing at her knee and then her sister, pulling my blanket off of me and forcing me to follow her into the playroom, showing me an upturned bowl of BBQ potato chips and her stuffed Cookie Monster shoved under the couch. It is now my job to decipher what the hell all that is about, Megs wide-eyed with indignation and expecting an appropriate reaction, Molls and the dog strangely absent. This was not covered in Marriage and Family. Seriously.)

OK, this is so much funnier in person. Much like, say, Seinfeld or most everything that comes out of my mouth.

But trust me, this kid is a riot. So different from her sister. So much like me. When I was pregnant with her I secretly told her all the time that she was MY baby. Molly was definitely her daddy's girl, but this baby would be mine. But she was most definitely not, not until now. Until the last month or so, Bob was still her comfort, her joy, her DADDY for God's sake and I was just the woman who almost died having her who may as well be the maid or the pack mule or who gives a crap as long as the milk and cookies and cheese and m&m's keep coming. Suddenly she is all about me, and I like it. Kinda. OK, a lot!

Until 9:00 PM when I am ready for her to go to bed and she is cranky and she just can't get settled and all she wants is for me to hold her, only without holding her.

Terrible twos rock!

I Sure Deserved It
I took a break from the diet - I needed a mental break from watching every morsel and I needed a taste break from the same old same old. So I took off Wed - Sun. I am back on Monday. I will not weigh until Friday. It was a hell of a break - I ate whatever I wanted and I loved it! I had a bagel, I had bacon, I had a sandwich, I had coconut shrimp, a steak, mashed potatoes, fried pickles, and ice cream. Not all together. And holy mother of God it was good.

And now I feel kinda puky.


I have read Flabbergasted and The Next Big Thing this weekend...and I am almost done with Sweet Potato Queens' Book of Love. A couple of weeks ago I read Bridget Jones's Diary and The Edge of Reason. Next I am reading An American Requiem and A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and The Orchid Thief and Lighthouse.

No one ever warned me about stress reading....



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