21 May, 2006

100; Endings

This is my 100th post...amazing!

Of course they are neither as frequent or as funny as I would like, but this forum definitely provides a creative outlet and challenges me to be better, funnier, more insightful, more precise in my musings of and observations about life, motherhood, friendship, weightloss, and, occasionally, my mad skillz in the celeb gossip department.

Truth is I really love my blog and I wish I had more time to work on it, more great things to write about, more funny stories that I could remember long enough to post and along the way discover that it is all very wry and poignant. Even when it's all about pooping. Which I really hate to write about.

So I am sure that if you wanted to you have seen the Will and Grace finale by now - I have watched it twice and I gotta say, I love love love the show and I have since day one. It came on as I went to work in the HIV/AIDS field and it helped me understand the gay experience better - we all know a Will and a Jack and even a Larry - and it really helped me figure out where I stood on the whole issue (totally pro-gay; hag extraordinaire except for my lack of Broadway knowledge and my dislike of Barbra Streisand's "Jing-jing-jingle bells" song.) So anyway, I have a great deal of fondness and appreciation for WAG. But there was some serious shark-jumping going on...seriously! But I won't dwell on that - the show was important, it was fresh, it was funny as hell, and it was something even my dad could watch and learn from. I'll miss my fix on Thursday nights.

Good night, Gracie.



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