10 April, 2006

Is that a tissue in your pocket?...Meet Mati...Now what?

Is That a Tissue in your pocket?


We were cleaning out the garage and found Molly's very cute gardening apron. With a bulge in the pocket. A bulge exactly the size of a long dead, completely dessicated baby mouse. And I was somehow elected (by default?) to see what was in there. So I poked and did not expect to find anything and.


I dropped the apron, screamed like a girl, and jumped about 3 feet. All of this made Bob scream and jump too, and then I knew I had a choice - throw the apron away and let the mouse win or look, see, and empty the pocket into the trash, wash the apron and never speak of it again. Be a big baby or a rational grown up.

I thought. The kids were watching. I decided to be the grown up. I picked up the now not-so-cute gardening apron and peeked in.

And it was a wadded up Kleenex. And I laughed. And felt like an idiot. And I decided that the grass seed and whatever else might attract the disgusting varmints (mice not kids) must go. Now. Rational or not.

"dammit I fell off my clogs!" -Will, Will and Grace


Meet Mati
Mati O'Malley. My new character. Great hair, not so great body but working on it, married, no kids, brownish-red hair (did I mention hair already? Oh well.) Directs a non-profit agency, reads, writes, seeks, finds, gets lost and finds a new way. Neat freak (see the fiction?), lower-than-average self-esteem, good friends, difficult family, loves TiVo, loves coffee drinks and diet coke, majored in communications, southern, sassy, funny, sarcastic, wonderful with children but not sure she wants her own, married to a sci-fi writer, hates clothes, mirrors, diets, scales, and being fat.

She's me and she's not me, me only different, me only truer.

She's Fat Girl Skinny.

And this is (c) Shannon Warren so don't steal her.

Now What?
Lent is almost over, and along with it, the pop culture embargo. Or is it?

Have I really missed anything by not knowing every.single.thing. going on in NYC and Hollywood?

Can I go back to just a little celeb gossip? Or is it an addiction like smoking, where if you pick up one cigarette, you 're back at 3 gossip blogs, US weekly and People, and the radio and the TV shows?

And really, does it matter? Can't I just not care? I mean who cares, really?

People are starving, gas will be $3 a gallon by Easter, and Bush's approval rating is in the toilet (oh, wait, that's not bad news...), so is it so wrong to crave a little escape, a little fantasy, a little info about lives no one real really leads?

I don't know yet, but I do know that no one wants this to be so existential less than I do! But here we are, all Camus and everything, and I secretly know what Gwyneth named her baby and I don't think that makes me a bad person.

Does it?



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