31 March, 2006

Dude; Fitness is...;

Jeff is highly, highly offended by the word dude.

And Carolyn has been forcing me to say dude like, all the time.

It's so bad that I even called the baby dude! (But in all fairness, she liked it and smiled her "I am so cute and you know it!" smile!)

So whenever I call Jeff dude, he says something like "oh no you did not just go there with me" and I have to consciously remember NOT to call him dude.

It got really bad the night of my infamous birthday party which, yes, has taken me two weeks to blog about (and, incidentally, recover from. Not as young as we used to be and man, that hurt!)

So here is the slightly edited version since people I know do occasionally read this and I totally do not want them calling my boss.

If you have any respect for me at all, stop reading right now.

However, assuming that you probably do not have any respect left for me, I will tell you the story of Shannon's Big B-day Blowout '06

So, having the two kids who are sick all the freaking time, we did not get to go out anywhere near my actual non-birthday.

So we went out 2 weeks ago Friday night. St. Patrick's Day. Amateur drinkers night. I know.

It was me and Bob, Carolyn, Jeff, Patrick, and Amie (Carolyn's 21 year old niece). Later, her side action joined us. Kelly. (34 and male.) (And dude, once you hit 30 you can not hang with the 21 year olds. They are too used to partying!)

We went to Mellow Mushroom in NoDa and planned to go to the Gallery Crawl. Yeah. No.

It seems that at the Mellow Mushroom, all the staff either a. hates drunks or b. is drunk. So they had Jaeger bombs for $5. I drank an inordinate amount of what ended up tasting like vomit and robitussin! But you know. Delicious! Free! Drunk!

But first we started out at Carolyn's apartment and drank some. So I was well on my way to super happy before we even left.

Then the bombs.

Then pizza (damn, I should eat because all the Jaeger).

And Jenna, the waitress, hated us ("She doesn't hate us, Shannon, just YOU!") everyone would yell. Why? Don't remember that part. I'm guessing because I was cute. And I was definitely cute!

So halfway through dinner I demanded that someone call information and get one of my ex's phone numbers so I could call him. Yeah. No. (I am a notorious drunk dialer from way back!)

So dinner was over and we met up with some other people and we all drank and laughed and drank and got air and drank. And drank.

About 2 am we decided to leave. Bob was still saying he could drive, but everyone else thought it would be better if we spent the night at Carolyn's. So Amie, the 21 year old niece, {asked us very nicely not to drive and definitely did not make unwlecome sexual advances towards me} (edited version).

Then Carolyn told her boss that she just needed a {very nice Catholic boyfriend who would love her for who she truly is} (edited version). She said it several times. It was funny.

So, we head back to Carolyn's. We all have to pee. She does not have her key. Amie, who left with us but did not arrive with us, had the key. So we busted in someone else's apartment and peed. And left to find Amie.

And somewhere along the way, I fell out of my shoes.

That's right.

I fell in the grass flat out on my whole cute body and injured my right arm and foot. And my shoes were way far away. But I got up and found my shoes and we continued to find Amie and Kelly, whom Carolyn continually called the {very nice cute couple and definitely not that word I will not use in print followed by "ees"}.

Anyway. We figured out where they were and Bob made us sit on some people's steps and wait until he got them. Steps of people we did not know and who could have killed us or taken our drinks. Good move. We all eventually made it back to Carolyn's and Bob and I got the bed, Amie and Kelly took the (cold concrete) floor and Carolyn got the couch.
Apparently Patrick and Jeff made it home.

I still had the bedspins at 6am.

Red Bull is of the devil.

All of Carolyn's friends who live in her building commented on the very loud people walking around.

Patrick reported that he was almost 100% by that Monday afternoon.

Jeff reported that he also is not as young as he used to be.

And, next year I turn 35 and we MUST do it all again! Dude!!

Fitness Is...

Turns out, fitness is a lifelong commitment. I can't just run once and it be over - no! I have to keep on...every single day for the rest of my life! Of course, once those endorphins kick in I am SURE I'll be good! Sure of it! Right?

But anyway, I am down 45.2 pounds. I am very excited about that - no, really. That is the most I have lost ever! I still have a ways to go but I have gotten to a place that I believe - it is going to happen! For real! But one of the greatest regrets of my life is, and always will be, that I did not lose 20 pounds when that was all I needed to lose. Of course, I had no idea about the hormonal storm, in the form of Polycystic ovarian syndrome, that was raging in my body and making it much more likely that semi-bad habits would turn into a massive weight gain. And the fact that I was not even diagnosed with PCOS until years after said weight-gain, and therefore had no idea that my semi-bad habits, which grew worse and worse under the blanket of the weight and some depression, were actually hurting me far worse than your average non-PCOS girl, and it is no wonder that I got myself in this fine mess.

But I am getting myself out of it - bite by bite, step by step, choice by choice.

So yesterday I made the choice to do something I have wanted to do for a long time. I ran. Not far.

I found a plan to take me from the couch to a 5 k in two months. Now I must admit I will take longer. But I did the first training yesterday and I made it!

Now see, here is where I reveal myself as an idiot.

No really.

I worked out on the track outside at the Y. And there is not a clock out there. And I did not wear a watch. And I did not take my cell phone. And I planned to work out for 25 minutes, like the plan says. But I had no timing tools with me.

When I got back in the car, I looked at the time.

It was over an hour later and I was in serious danger of being late to pick up the girls.

So now I am going to wear a watch or something - and no wonder I am sore today! Oy vey!!


Hope you all have a fabu weekend and I'll catch you on the flip side.



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