18 February, 2006

Tagged!; The Headache that Ate Two Weeks; The Power Jog of Death

I got tagged by Marvin (thanks!)

4 Jobs I've had
Pharmacy Tech
After-School Teacher
Development Director
Executive Director

4 Movies to Watch Over and Over
Steel Magnolias
Legally Blonde
Home Alone

4 Places I have Lived
Lafayette, LA
Alexandria, LA
Nashville, NC
Charlotte, NC

4 TV Shows I Watch
Project Runway
American Idol
Celebrity Fit Club
Will & Grace (so sue me)

4 Places I have been on vacation
Gatlinburg, TN
San Antonio, TX
Ocean Isle

4 Websites I Visit Daily
Miss Doxie
Amalah, Queen of Everything
The Reign of Ellen

4 Favorite Foods
Good Vodka

4 Places I'd Rather Be Right Now
A warm beach somewhere
Bookbuyers Used Book Store
Charleston, SC

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That was fun!

The Headache That Ate Two Weeks
The last two weeks I have been tired. Exhausted. Fall into bed at 9:00 the children be damned. Then last Friday - headache! It hurt so bad I literally could not see to drive. It got better and worse all this week until Thursday when it built to a crescendo of pain unlike any pain. Ever. Even "off the chart"pitocin induced contractions. However, I was at Leadership Rowan and I could not leave, so I suffered through. Then I came home and eventually took my pain medication and it Knocked. Me. Out.

I slept all night, the headache finally broke and I woke up a new woman!

Grrrr. I hate migraines. I do, however, enjoy an occasional light coma induced by the pain meds. And the vodka. (only kidding! You should never mix good vodka with, well, anything but tonic!)

The Power Jog of Death
I went to a water aerobics class this morning. It was my "reward" for going back to the gym this week. You know, after the headache that ate...well, you know.

So we go along and do our workout and it is cool and then the chickie yells "30 seconds power jog!" "Woooooooooooooo"
And I think my legs are going to fall off. And we go back to regular jog. Suddenly "1 minute power jog!" "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

And I am sure I am going to die. But I am determined not to. And I don't.

But that was one of the best workouts ever. My goal this week is to try a spinning class. Any advice??

Keep it movin'


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