10 February, 2006

Say it Ain't So!; Shocking Observation

Say It Ain't So
Lent approaches.

Every year I try to give up something for Lent. Usually it is food (chocolate, fast food, Diet Coke, whatever) and I fail MISERABLY!

This year, however, I have already given up a lot of stuff for my "plan" and I am cool with it. No fast food. Limited diet coke. NOTHING fried and no sugar. I am good with all that. But I can tell you this, bitches, I am not giving up any other food. Period.

So self, I said, whatcha gonna do about Lent?

I thought and thought and waited and tried to discern what I should do - what would be a big sacrifice and what would really open up some time and space in my head?

So here it is - I am giving up pop culture.

That's right. I will be removing the link to Trent. I will not read the Yahoo entertainment section or The Scoop on MSNBC.com or any of that. I will not buy, borrow, or browse US Weekly or People, and when the gossip comes on the radio I will turn it down.

I will be using that time and energy to do Purpose Driven Life, and hopefully I will stop dreaming about being friends with Brangelina and I will no longer know so much about Nick and Jessica, Ben and Jen, Brit Brit and K-Fed and the lot. Maybe I will learn something about me and what I am here to do.

18 days until Lent, but I am ready for the madness to end now. I am an almost middle-aged mom - what do I need with this craziness anyway?

It's only 40 days. It's only 40 days. Repeat.

Shocking Observation
I took the girls to the Doctor on Tuesday for their well-baby visits and OH MY GOD.

First of all, I don't know that I can handle the two of them at the doctor ever again.

Second of all they made Meghan strip down to her diaper but she got cold so she stomped around the office in her diaper, her pink clogs, and her J. Lo coat. CUTE!

Third of all, the doctor said, and I quote, "Meghan is a classic middle child. She has all the middle child characteristics so you may as well have another one."

(Ex-CUSE me? Did she just say...holy crap. Is she kidding me with this?)

Fourth, and last of all, Molly has to have speech therapy for her lisp and her inability to say the "sk" sound.

An eventful visit ending in 3 shots for Molly, 6 for Meghan, and stickers, lollipops and vodka tonics all around. (OK, OK, the vodka tonics were just for me).

Peace out babies,



At 3:42 PM, Blogger Isabel said...

You are one brave women. I could never give up pop culture.

40 days *isn't that long*, right?!


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