26 February, 2006

Humiliation - Wal-Mart Style; Weigh-In

Humiliation - Wal-Mart Style
Picture this.

Saturday afternoon, our local Wal-Mart store. Me pushing one buggy with Molly in it, Bob pushing another with Meghan.

Molly and I head over to the laundry baskets and other basket-type products aisle. She asks me "Mommy, what do you think is on the aisle behind this?"

I replied "Ironing boards and irons and stuff like that."

We discussed other stuff. We turned at the end of our aisle towards the aisle in question and suddenly, out of nowhere, Molly yelled at top volume,
"Mommy! Look! There are hookers on that aisle!!"

The 15 or so women on the aisle looked up at me in horror. I pushed that buggy as hard and fast as I could away.

And I hung down my head and I cried...
(From laughing so freaking hard!!) (because she was talking about clothes hangers. Oh my goodness. What a kid!)

So my final (paid) weigh in revealed that in seven weeks I have lost 30.8 pounds!!

Now, that is pretty good. I have a long way to go still, and now I am doing it on my own. This weekend I did great, stayed on the plan, did water aerobics on Saturday and the Biggest Loser workout on Sunday. (which, incidentally, revealed that I am the biggest loser, just not in a good way, because even after working almost everyday for 2 months, the low intensity very nearly killed me!)

My next goal - my chat group's St. Patrick's Day Challenge, which I have about another 5 pounds to go to make! And that will be the least I have weighed since 1994.

My Easter Challenge goal will be 10 pounds. (1 month later)

My Meghan's birthday challenge will be 5 pounds (2 weeks later)

My Memorial Day Challenge will be 10 more pounds (1 month later)

And then we will go from there.

WOO HOO! My goal by July 4 will be to drop a level on my plan - from red to blue. I know that means nothing to you but it will mean a hell of a lot to me. And I know I can do it. There is no question in my mind that this is a done deal. So look out world - the fat girl walking will soon be a merely chunky girl. And I will be running. Can I do Race for the Cure (a 5k) in October?

I think I can. What do you think??

Tomorrow - Biggest Loser Tone and Sculpt and then water aerobics. I am taking off tomorrow for my birthday and since exercise is the gift you give yourself, that is what I am doing for me.

And then. I will be going to tan! Fabulous!

Happy Monday 2 ya!


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