16 January, 2006

Aunt Nan, Water, MLK Day

Aunt Nan
Several years ago my brother told me that my name was too hard and that his kids would end up calling me Aunt Nan. I laughed...whatever.

And now my baby brother is about to be a daddy, and I don't care if baby Jamie calls me Aunt Nan - I can't wait to meet him! Amy, Jason's wife, called me last night. I answered the phone trying not to sound expectant (ha ha) and she said "It's me. I am not in labor. But I want to be. Get the girls to tell him to COME OUT."

Well, the girls would not do it, but I am predicting he will be born today because...

my mom's b-day is the 21st and Molly's is the 21st, my b-day is the 29th and Meghan's is the 29th; and my brother's birthday, my cousin's, my aunt's, and Amy's mom's are all on the 16th. So, come on, Baby Jamie.l Aunt Nan, Uncle Bob (oh he'll love that), Cousins Molly and Meghan can't wait to see you and love you!!

So I am on the new weight loss plan and losing weight like crazy, and I am drinking so much water it is insane! Insane! But it seems to be working and I am so happy!

I am drinking 64-80 oz of water a day and peeing about every 15 minutes. I swear I feel like a puppy!! But it is all worth it.

I read one time that for every pound you lose, there are like 5 miles of blood vessels that have to be eliminated...anyone know if that is true? It seems like a lot, but it explains all the trips to the potty.

Today is the day that we set aside to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I honor his vision - his courage - his oratory - his passion.

I am saddened when I think what this country could be like had he lived. I am scared, a little, when I think about how fragile life is and that someone can silence another with just a gunshot...that what one person believes can be so threatening to another that he has to be killed in cold blood.

I pray that somehow, some day, race will not be a divisive issue, that we can live up to Dr. King's vision, that we will not be afraid.



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