02 December, 2005



Bob got a job - he started today at 8:00 am.

I am so very proud of him. And relieved and excited.

And relieved!

He is very excited. He does not get excited about much of anything, he is pretty even-tempered. But I could tell he is excited.

Whew! And just in time for Christmas. And mama needs a new bra and Meggie's hand-me-down winter coat is not going to fit much longer.

The girls are SUPER excited about going back to school. Well, Molly is.

Meghan, well, we'll see how that goes.

I just want to SCREAM from happiness!!

And new shoes...and pay back the money we owe people...and not lose the house or car...and be able to paint and get curtains and finish the patio...so much to do and now we at least have a shot at doing it!

Thank you, Lord. You are truly good, and in your time, you provide for us exactly what we need. Thank you for giving me the faith to stick it out and the patience and resourcefulness to make it all work, and for giving us the right thing at the right time! Amen!!


01 December, 2005

I'm really not slack...the dog ate my computer

I'm really not slack...the dog ate my computer
Actually, I suspect that Meghan did something to it. Or maybe I did - who knows! I just know that no matter what I did, I could not get the "sign in" button to appear. My wonderful guru husband fixed it (once I adequately described what was going on) and now, here I am, back.

Molly's Birthday. Thanksgiving. Red Ribbon Run. Latina Focus Groups. It's all a blur. Everything happened so fast! And now it is World AIDS Day and Bob's birthday and it snuck up on me! I hate that. I like to be very well organized and plan and all that. This time of year, though, things just end up being completely insane!

I have been awarded a trip to Miami for training next week - can you believe it? 4 days in December in MIAMI of all places! Awesome! It's about increasing access to primary care, very important for our clients, plus it's in Miami!

Jeff, Bob, the girls and I are going to McAddenville, Christmas City USA. We're going on Sunday. We have been trying to go together for FIVE years. Something always gets in the way. I have been trying to go since we moved to Charlotte 10 years ago. Never made it. This year, though, I have a really good feeling!! See, the whole town decorates for Christmas and they have millions and millions of lights up and it is supposedly awesome! But for some reason, God does not want me to see it.

Maybe because I do things like drink rum and Fresca (Tropical Diet White Trash) out of the cups we got from church with the softball team logo on them. Can you go to hell for that? I'm pretty sure it is at least frowned upon.

Incidentally I did not play softball for the church. I am not athletically inclined. In fact, I played YEARS of softball when I was a kid and I don't think we ever won a game. Come to think of it, I heard that our team was last in the league, so perhaps I could be, if not an improvement, at least not a drain...

I cut the crap out of my thumb on Thanksgiving and it still hurts. In fact, it split back open yesterday. I probably should have gotten a stitch or two. But I was cooking and there was a deadline for pete's sake!! Can't just go gallivanting off for stitches all willy nilly when people are expecting to eat at one o'clock! Craziness!

My dad got food poisoning from the in-the-bird stuffing. He has been really, really sick. Seriously people, put a lemon in the turkey like the food network tells you and cook the stuffing on the side. Salmonella is not pretty - he has lost 13 pounds in one week and just barely escaped having an IV for fluids and electrolytes. So don't stuff your bird - it is not worth it.

By the way, that was not at my house. I refuse to stuff the bird and my in-laws who always come for Thanksgiving bitch about it every year, but I am sorry. It is too risky and I would hate for any of them to get sick. (No, really, I am being sincere!) Too bad people, you will have to make due with Rachael Ray's Stuffin' Muffins at my house!

I am working at home today and tomorrow and I have 3 goals -
1. Finish writing the website for work and get our web guy to change the font because I am not wild about it. At all.
2. Finish planning the details for our next event and get the sponsorship information ready to send out.
3. ORGANIZE MY HOME OFFICE. My desk looks like whirlwind hit it and it is driving me nuts. Of course, since the race was last weekend and then I was tied up Monday and Tuesday with the Latina focus groups, my office at work is at least as bad. I just need organization and space to work, so come hell or high water my desk is clean today (or tomorrow).

I have a lot to do to - hope everyone has a great day!

Happy birthday, sweetheart, and GOOD LUCK! (More on that later).