22 July, 2005

Addiction, Going Back, Question of the Day, Anniversary

OK, I have no desire to admit this, but I am totally addicted to blogging - reading them, writing them, hoping for comments, watching my counter. Just the whole idea that I can have a glimpse into someone else's life is fascinating.

I have, however, noticed some things on which I must comment:

1. No offense if you are a high school girl, because you will grow out of it, but high school girls are silly and full of crap. You think you know love? You think you know pain? You think your parents are horrible and school is hard and if you just had that new whatever it will all be better? Just wait. You don't know anything yet!

2. A lot of people who have blogs seem to have them for the sole purpose of using the f-word a LOT. I mean, come on. I say it a lot, but in writing??

3. If you want people to come back to your blog, name it something we can remember. And match the name and the URL. Yeah, that'd be good.

4. Many people lead very boring lives. And yet I can't help but read.

5. Many people are as broke as I am. I am not sure if this is good or not. Pay attention, Mr. President!! We are telling the truth!!

6. Many people are much better at the technology part than I am. But I am working on it.

7. Who the hell voted for George Bush? Not the bloggers, no siree.

So, Jeff and I are both totally addicted. I guess it could be worse. It's not like we are shooting 8-balls in the alley behind the Texaco while we beat off the hookers and the hustlers who are after our clean needles...

Going Back
I am not one to go back. I graduated college in 1995. I have not been back to the place from whence I graduated, nor do I have any desire to do so. Of all the people I have dated, I have not spoken to any of them at least in the last 13 years. Nor will I. I don't go back. I am not friends with them and I don't want to be. We broke up for a reason, and I just don't need anyone else's BS in my life.

People I used to be friends with but lost touch? No.
High school reunions? Absolutely not.
People I used to be friends with but it ended badly? No.

Bob and I can never get divorced...not that we would, because he is the love of my life, but since we have children together we would be forced to go back. And we don't do that.

Jeff, however, has no trouble going back. He is friends with his exes. Which leads us to....

Question of the Day
If your ex invited you, just as friends, on an all expenses paid first class trip to NYC (for him/her to receive a HUGE award from their company), would you go?

I would never be invited, see, because I don't go back. But I totally think Jeff should go. Even now, years after they broke up, they are friends and are putting in time in the relationship and they travel well together...so why not???

12 years ago on Sunday, I pledged my love and my life and forsaking all others, married my husband. It has been a wild, wonderful, scary, beautiful adventure that has been totally worth it. We have two amazing daughters, a lovely home, and a very happy life.

So, thank you Bob. Thank you for deciding I wasn't too hard to love, that I didn't ask more than I have been willing to give, and that I had something to give that no one else did. Thank you for marrying me. Thank you for being on this ride with me. When I look at our children, when I look at our life together, God affirms himself. He believes in true love, and so do I.

Because I found it.

I love you. You are my forever valentine.

21 July, 2005

Condoms vs. Eagles

Saw this on another blog -TOO TRUE!

The government today announced that it is changing its emblem from the Eagle to a Condom because it more accurately reflects the government's political stance. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of dicks, and gives you a sense of security while you're actually being screwed. Damn, it just doesn't get more accurate than that.

Lyrical language, Question of the Day, Letter from John Kerry

Hey Jeff! I hear you are NOT a nerd!

Lyrical Language
One thing I am pretty sure about is that I can write. I love lyrical language, words that fit together like pieces of a puzzle or star-crossed lovers. I love it when the flow is just right, when the ideas spill all over each other like a litter of puppies charging outside for play time. Sometimes I get there. More often I don't; maybe that is why I have such a hard time maintaining any sort of pace with writing...I want it to show up and be perfect on the screen. I don't know the editing process and so I don't trust it. What if someone else imposes their literary values on my work, changes one word, and messes up the flow of the language and does not respect the integrity of my word choice? And adding words later to make it seem more lyrical seems false - I like to think that the best writing just happens, just flows from fingers to paper or screen with no intervention.

I know it is a naive way to view writing. But it's what I want. Someday I will grow up and realize that writing is hard work. Getting the words down on paper or screen is the first step, not the last.

Question of the Day
What's for lunch?

I have no idea. I want something good and different, but I can't think of anything! Maybe Taco Bell.

Letter from John Kerry
I got this letter from John Kerry yesterday:

Dear Friend,
This much is clear already. Judge Roberts is no Sandra Day O'Connor.
Last night we learned that President Bush wants to replace a woman who voted to uphold Roe V. Wade with a man who argued against Roe v. Wade, and that sends a clear signal that this White House remains bent on opening old wounds and dividing America.
There are big questions that must be answered involving Judge Roberts' judicial philosophy as demonstrated over his short time on the appellate court. The Senate must learn whether he has a clear, consistent commitment to upholding Constitutional standards like civil rights, the right to privacy, and Roe v. Wade. These issues are in serious question if you take even a cursory glance at his record.
We need to ask the tough questions to determine whether John Roberts is the nominee who will give America a Court that is fair, independent, ethical and committed to Constitutional freedoms rather than an ideological agenda, and I promise you I will do everything in my power to assure that no question is sidestepped.
Throughout every step of the confirmation process, I will keep you informed about the questions that need to be asked, the answers we need to demand, and the principles we need to defend. It's impossible to overstate the importance of this moment.
As the U.S. Senate discharges one of its most important responsibilities, I will be active and vigilant. I hope you will do the same, beginning right now. Start by sharing a few words about your personal feelings on the importance of this Supreme Court nomination.
You can submit your comments or questions here:
Thank you,
John Kerry
P.S. In the days ahead, we'll be featuring on our johnkerry.com website a cross-section of the comments submitted and contacting you with important information and action requests as events demand. Sign up here if you want to get the latest information. Recruit your friends and neighbors, too.
Paid for by Friends of John Kerry, Inc

Sign up...and VOTE!

Bye guys

19 July, 2005

Nerd Test, Home Alone, Crash, Question of the Day, The President's On!

I am nerdier than 13% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Nerd Test

You gotta do the nerd test - it is HILARIOUS!!

It seriously cracked me up - I amazed at what I don't know - and don't care that I don't know!

Home Alone
So the girls and I are home alone - for the first time ever! Bob had to take his uncle to have eye surgery and they have to be gone overnight because the surgery is taking place about 3 hours away and Uncle Bob has to be there first thing in the morning to be re-checked.

So me, Molly and Meggie are home alone and we are going to have fun!

We went out for breakfast...We are making brownies this afternoon, then we are having cold sesame noodles and terriyaki chicken and sweet hot pickles for dinner...

Hopefully we can all get to bed at a decent time. We'll see! But it's nice to be home with them and get to set our own schedule and eat what we want and do girly stuff. Not that I'd want to be single forever - I am pretty sure none of us would do well with that scenario!

I would miss Bob too much. The girls would miss him too much. (Aside - Molly has on her "dancing suit" - a pink leotard and pink tights, with the pink dancing skirt on like a cape somehow....she makes me laugh!)

Yes, someone hit my car. It was a truck. A big flatbed truck that they use to haul concrete trusses. He rolled into me at a stoplight. I don't think his company is too happy with him right now! My trunk is crumply and the bumper is messed up and will probably have to be replaced. I don't know if there is frame damage or not, so I am waiting to hear from the insurance companies about what to do next.

But I am OK, the other driver is OK, and no one else was in either vehicle.

What a PITA! But as long as no one was hurt I am going to count my blessings.

Question of the Day
Is it possible to attract drama?

See, yesterday as I was leaving work, my cell phone started to die because I had not charged it over the weekend. I thought to myself, "I really have to be better about charging this thing - what if I got in an accident and needed to call someone?"

5 minutes later - CRASH!

Was it me putting it out there that attracted it? Was it pre-ordained and I had a premonition? Was it all a coincidence? Karma? BS?

Food for thought...but I'll be careful what I tell myself from now on...only positive messages!!

The President's On
I don't know which comedian it was, my brother says Jeff Foxworthy, who had a bit about "the President's on..." (whining) "...he's on every channel...."
So it has been announced that dub will be sharing with us his choice for the Supreme Court nominee tonight.

Please God, keep Roe v. Wade safe. Give us a moderate, since we know we are not getting a liberal. Give us someone with common sense, since our Congress and Administration seem to be lacking in that department.

Unashamedly, I am a liberal, pro-choice, tax and spend, help the poor, democrat who believes that those who have should be GLAD to help those who don't have....but are trying. Hey, Mr. President, it's hard to get a job when you had to drop out of high school to care for your siblings, parents, or any of a million reasons kids leave school...Instead of having a daddy who could buy you into an ivy league school. It's hard to be a CEO when you can't kick crack or alcohol because there aren't enough treatment beds to go around. Hard to work at Mickey D's when you can't afford a car to get there and it's more important for the government to support the war than mass transit.

Sorry, didn't mean to get all political there...I usually don't because I don't know enough about politics to make an intelligent argument, but I do know that SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.

It will have to be done by the people.

I just don't know what or when. (hmmmmm....Vote. Vote democrat. Vote democrat in 2008.)

**steps down off makeshift soapbox**

Peace out. Hey Jeff.

18 July, 2005



Here is a shout to my homey Jeff.


More on him later.

We are going to pursue a radio show -A Mo and a Mom (aren't we?)

Except we are too ADD to pursue it too hard...look, a chicken...

Love you honey.


Celebrity Fit Club, Friends and Neighbors, Drama, Question of the Day

Celebrity Fit Club
I had Bob DVR Celebrity Fit Club (CFC) so that Carolyn and I could watch it. She came over last night and brought a delicious dinner - veggie lasagna, cheese bread, and Oreo Cheesecake. YUM! So we ate until we were WAY too full and then we sat down to watch all the overweight has-beens get weighed, get yelled at, and blow a bunch of smoke. It was great!

I had made an appetizer, and it did not get all the way done (it was cream cheese topped with herbs and garlic from my garden, all wrapped in crescent roll dough. Apparently I did something wrong because the outside of the dough was beautiful and the inside was not just gooey, but completely untouched by heat.)

So, as we are watching the aforementioned overweight has-beens, we are scraping cream cheese out of unbaked bread and spreading it on crackers. No, the irony did not escape us.

We got it.

So that Gary Busey is a FREAK (Freaking Right-wing Extra Annoying Kook) who has acronyms for every word. I couldn't keep up with them all, but he had ones for TEAM and DOUBT and FEAR.

He is first-class weirdo material.

And Jackee - who the hell does she think she is? I could just kick her in the head and take her weave. She was just plain mean several times, and there is really no call for that sort of behavior.

Tocarra - beautiful, but good God her boobs are bigger than mine! And that is saying something.

Willie Aames - who knew he'd end up being the nice one?

Jani - aww, honey, you can't be a cryer - you're the lead singer of Warrant! Here ya go, have another piece of cherry pie.

Victoria Jackson- daddy issues. Poor girl. Oh my.

Phil - go Phil! You can do it!!!!

Wendy - back again, huh? First time didn't take? It's OK - we believe in you! And we know where you are because we have been there too.

Friends and Neighbors
I always thought that once we bought a house we would be best friends with our neighbors, or neighbors with our best friends, and we'd have dogs and kids and people in and out all the time. Guess not - it's a bit more like living in the apartment, where no one spoke (well, unless you count doing drug deals as "speaking."). I don't know what to do, other than randomly ringing doorbells and begging people to be our friends.

Or, coercing our friends into taking over the neighborhood- that would be even better! And, considering how far north we live from downtown, infinitely more difficult!

Today has been so Monday all day. First, I got all the way to the Treasurer's office and remembered that I did not bring a really important check that she needed. Then I went back and got it, got my check, went to the bank, and headed back to my office. I was all the way to the highway when I realized that I had not dropped off the stuff to the attorney that I was supposed to, so I had to turn around and drive BACK downtown, then once again head back to my office. I am never that disorganized - what is up?

At least I got it all done!

Question of the Day

If you could go back to high school and change one thing, what would it be?

I would have lost the 20 pounds then...the moment I realized it really does matter. Maybe now I would not have so much to lose!

Who knows what could have different without those extra pounds? Well, no one does, and there is no way to ever know, but I suspect some things, boy-wise would be different, and perhaps I would have been more willing to be involved, I could have been trendy - all the things adults tell the fat girls "don't matter - as long as you are pretty on the inside."

What BS.

High school is not about the inside. It's about learning to play the game, and I fear that I never learned, I never played, I just sat on the sidelines and waited until the inside DID matter...

Is that good or bad?