11 December, 2005

I'm Siiiiiiiiiiiiiick; Miami, My Amy

I'm Sick...
That must be said in a SUPER whiny voice.

I have just returned from a Regional Intensive Training in Miami about building the capacity of my organization to increase primary care services. It was great! I know I need a LOT more on fiscal management, fund allocation methodology, building evaluation plans that are reasonable, and finding new ways to raise money. But I think I could have taught the sessions on grant writing, board development, and strategic planning. So, maybe next year they will ask me to be a consultant! THAT would be cool!!

So anyway, last night was the only night we had any free time and so a group of us drank in the bar, went out to dinner and drinks, and watched the holiday boat parade and fireworks, and then went back to the hotel and crashed! And the longer I laid in my bed watching TV the sicker I felt - my nose started running, I was coughing and had chills and fever and I was sneezing. And the worse I felt, the harder I tried to talk myself into going to the gift shop to purchase some VERY expensive cold medicine and the longer I laid there the less I felt like I could make it down the elevator. So I took 4 advil and went to sleep. I felt better this morning and now OH MY GOD I feel horrible.

And poor Molly - she is as bad as I am. When she saw me I heard her yell "Hey Mobby!" I said "How long has she been sick?" The answer - since last night! Creepy coincidence, or did Typhoid Meghan incubate something and infect us??

So Miami was probably nice - I mostly saw the inside of the room we were meeting in - but the information I got was great . I know it was about 40 degrees warmer and 45%more humid in Miami, which I could live without! But even though I talk a good game, I don't feel completely safe just venturing out on my own in a strange city (I know, shocker, right?) so I was just as happy! I wouldn't have minded a dip in the pool, but it was that or dinner and dinner won!

My Amy
So we sent LOTS of baby stuff to my brother and his wife when they announced her pregnancy - crib, bassinet, bathtub, bouncy seat, play mat, whatever. They had their baby shower today and spent about 20 minutes informing me of all the stuff that they were given that was better than what we had sent.

Well SOR-RY!

Don't know why that ticked me off - they should be able to use whatever they want. It's their baby and people gave the stuff to them. I guess it just seemed in bad taste...just don't mention it and return our stuff when you are done with it! My brother has the tact of an elephant and someday I am going to learn not to take it personally. And someday he is going to learn how to say things without coming off as a huge a-hole!



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