14 December, 2005

Ice, Ice Baby; Acupuncture ROCKS!

Ice, Ice Baby
So we are supposed to be getting an ice storm tonight. I say BRING IT ON!


Well, because. Inclement weather days are like found money - you can do whatever you want on snow days! You can eat whatever. You don't have to feel guilty about spending all day in warm PJ's, drinking tea and reading the latest PD James (which my wonderful husband bought for me). We could finish putting up Christmas, we could figure out what we are getting people for Christmas, we could get the laundry caught up! We have so much to do this weekend it is INSANE (but in a good way) and I would enjoy some family time. I missed my peeps while I was in Miami - I love all their little quirks and peculiarities and craziness. Well, most days.

And ice storms, while dangerous and scary, also create some beautiful landscapes. The sparkling ice clinging to each branch, each blade of grass, no surface escapes its cold embrace, or its glassine crust.

Acupuncture Rocks
I have always been curious about eastern medicine and other complementary therapies. Well, my doctor acupunctured me for my sinus infection and I am 10 times better already. It is awesome. I am totally in!!

It always bristles just a bit when things like acupuncture, massage, hydrotherapy, reiki, etc. are shunned as "alternative." Western doctors don't know everything; nor does anyone else. Our bodies and their workings are far more mysterious and miraculous and fantastic than we will ever know. And if two teensy needles in my knees make my sinus infection go away, or if 3 sessions of reiki end 7 years of infertility, or if a neck massage and stress relieving peppermint cream rubbed on my temples end a migraine, well, who am I to argue?

Well, time for the Grinch so I am out.




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