30 December, 2005

Finding Christmas; Resolution

Finding Christmas

So did you find Christmas this year?

I did - and lost it - and found it again.

I took off most of the week before to get my shopping done and all that business. I needed to meet with the CDC folks at church before I take over the ministry team, I needed to spend some time with me, I needed to get over my cold, I needed to wrap all the stuff I bought, and I had to get a tire on the car.

So I did all that - I got my nails done, I shopped (nearly all of Christmas purchased in a little under 5 hours. POWER SHOPPING!) I wrapped. Sadly I did not clean. But I had a hectic, wonderful, fun week. I listened to as much Christmas music as I wanted and I caught up with the Christmas spirit.

Then it was Christmas Eve. The extraneous relatives showed up at Bob's mom's - and sent everything off kilter. Then Bob's sister was late and Molly was having a HISSY fit to open presents. Now on one hand, I know that she needed to get over it. But on the other hand, she is only 4 and she had all these people around her teasing her about presents and the presents, sitting there under the tree, taunting her. She can read her own name so she KNEW there were some for her! So Grandma said no presents until after lunch and then Ami was late, so it was wait, wait, wait. All the ERs (extraneous relatives) had not even met Meghan and had not seen Molly since she was a year old and they were just enthralled - and invasive. Now you know Meghan does not like people. I tried to tell them but they did not believe me and kept trying to get in her face! And Molly, who apparently was old news to them, just got teased about the presents under the tree.

So finally Ami gets there and we eat and it's present time!! And the ERs have gotten Molly a dress up set. So she puts on the dress up stuff and prances around and it is all very cute. And now it's time for the ERs to leave. And then we open the real presents from the NERs (non-extraneous relatives) and Molly gets a bike and dolls and stocking stuffers and on and on and on. And in the midst of all this the pink ring that goes with the dress up stuff is continuously lost and found. Finally Grandma puts it down in one of the bags of gifts so it won't get lost again. And now it is time to go to church. I am supposed to read a scripture. I bought the girls new dresses. Meghan has not had a nap. I already see doom but I go with it anyway. We load the stuff in the car and we go to church. Molly starts up about wanting the pink ring. Well, it is buried in the trunk somewhere and we are already LATE LATE LATE. So I tell her we can't find it and we'll get it at home.

She goes off the deep end.

All the way to church. At church. Outside. In the car. CRAZY!

Screaming, yelling, shrieking, kicking, running, crying, snotting - basically a world class bitch fit. So she and Bob did not go into church. Meghan and I did. Meghan started crying. Dr. Carl called all the readers up front. We went, and Meghan screamed. Dr. Carl said that he would read my part. So we left; I was going to take her outside to calm down. I stopped to get our coats and I had Meghan screaming in my ear and I could hear Molly screaming outside. I knew this was not working, so I gave up. We got in the car and went home. I cried the whole way - the Christmas Eve service is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, and now I was a part of it, and the kids acted up so badly that...well...I was really upset.

I finally forbid all talking the rest of the way home and Bob took Molly up to her room for an extended time out.

Eventually we all calmed down and Molly apologized and we settled down. They went to sleep, Santa came, and I started getting excited again.

We went to bed. I slept until Meghan got up around 7, then Bob and Molly got up at 7:30. We all went downstairs and Molly saw her dancing Dora doll...and that was when Christmas really came, hearing the wonder and excitement in her voice when she said "It came, it really came, my dance-a-dance-a-Dora-doll. Santa really brought it!!"

Somehow that made it all worthwhile. Just when all my faith had been tested - my faith in myself and Bob as parents, and in the families, and in jobs and money, God and Santa reminded me that Christmas is about the little moments, the little miracles. It was not a miracle that the Dora doll was there - well, not to me. I had searched it out and bought it and all that! But it was to her. And what a blessing to be able to make a child's dreams come true and help establish their faith in God, Santa, miracles, and Dora.

And so this is Christmas!

Resolved: In 2006, I will:
  • Do what I know I need to do to lose weight - work out daily, eat healthy, sleep better, and STAY ON THE WAGON
  • Be a better mom. Turn off the TV and do fun stuff with the girls.
  • Be a better wife.Be more willing to do stuff...well, except for THAT. I ain't doin' THAT for anybody!
  • Keep the house clean and the laundry caught up.
  • Set and live by priorities that make sense instead of going through life willy-nilly
  • Finish all the projects we have started.

Happy New Year!

Here's hoping your 2006 is safe, healthy, happy, and full of love. God Bless!



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