12 November, 2005

Just some random goings-on

So yo, what up dog?


So much in my head...must get it out before I explode!

1. Molly will be 4 in a week. Where did the time go?

2. Her birthday misses the school cut off by 5 weeks. I am struggling with the school issue. Do I go through hell and high water to try and get her in early, or keep her out another year? Do we go public, private, charter or parochial? I know my baby will not be getting on a bus, which I am sorry but have to be the most unsafe, unsupervised, undesirable things in this city. I have horrible memories of the school bus and I just can't imagine putting my sweet child on a moving den of debauchery filled with 5th graders and no adult supervision OR seatbelts.

3. {Deleted}

4. Some people need to register for my 5k run. Come on, runners, come on!

5. I trained 9 college kids to be peer educators today. They were awesome. I was impressed. I could not have done that in college. Of course, had I put down the rum and actually made an effort...who knows, I might have been able to pass calculus.

6. Carolyn is going to church with us again tomorrow - I am very impressed!

7. I have to come up with 2 World AIDS Day things...one for work, one for church. Help! Any thoughts?

8. THANKSGIVING - the HOLIDAY O'EATING is just around the corner. Yay!

9. Could someone please, please put something decent on TV on Saturday nights? Not all of us are out getting trashed, having sex in nightclub bathrooms with cheerleaders, punching people in the face or giving the cops false ID (hey, I can say that. I live in Charlotte!!) Some of us are exhausted from actually working all week and just want to watch something mildly entertaining before we collapse into bed. Seriously!

10. 1 week until my examination before the Session. 1 week and 1 day until Molly's birthday. 1 week and 4 days until Thanksgiving. 1 week and 6 days until the race. 2 weeks and 4 days until World AIDS Day. And Bob's birthday. Then the Christmas rush starts! Woo hoo!


Good night, room. Good night, Moon.



At 11:27 AM, Blogger Erin said...

In the great green room... I LOVE Goodnight Moon!

You're smart to keep Molly off the bus, it is much worse than the Hell it was when I was riding it, and it was BAD then.

Good luck with the back-neck-shoulder-arm-hurts-so-good chiropractic thing.

At 8:16 AM, Blogger Marvin said...

They have adult enforcers on the buses my kids ride, and it seems pretty calm. Don't know what it's like down there in the big city, though.

Does Molly know the diffrence between a joint and a crack pipe? It may be useful info should she pursue a career in law enforcement. Where else is she going to learn this stuff than on the school bus? You gotta think of her future, Woman!


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