16 October, 2005

Where have you been, young lady?; Notes from all over

Where have you been, young lady?
I have been watching Lost. AWESOME. It even makes up for Friends being off the air. I can not believe that I did not catch this show last year. But I have completely caught up and I can't WAIT for Wednesday night! That show really makes me think.
1. If I was stranded, could I survive? I know I could not do all that running! (Is it me or is there an awful lot of running through the jungle at very high speeds??)

2. Is it possible that even good change is bad? Hurley thinks so -

3. Can science and faith co-exist on any level? Would I do something I didn't really believe in just because something bad MIGHT happen if I didn't? Could I not do it if I did believe something bad might happen, just to see? How much proof do I require before I put my faith in something? Or do I go on gut feeling? And if I had studied something other than English, would I feel differently? (I was pre-med for a year until organic chemistry took me out!)

4. Again with the running.

5. How is Claire dealing with that baby?

6. Please please please let Charlie toss that heroin.

7. What the hell are they trying to do to us with that music at the end of each episode?

8. Is the other side of the island where the "Tailies" are supposed to be some Lord of the Flies reference? Ana Lucia scares me. Is that what they had to become in order to survive? Was it the leader that determined the mode and mood of survival? What does that say about leadership?

Enough, enough. But just so you know, I have been thinking.

Notes From All Over
Many things have happened in the world since my last post. I must, of course, comment.

1. Katie Holmes has been impregnated by L. Ron Hubbard. Her parents should not be mad. They should be getting a cult specialist brain-un-washer and get her the hell out. Did you know Tom is making her change her name to "Kate Cruise." I dare some man to tell me to change my name. He must have gotten way crazy since he and Nicole split - I do not see her putting up with this level of bullshit. Even for Tom Cruise.

2. What is the deal with the Scientology Silent Birth? I have had 2 c-sections and my doctor ran his mouth gossiping with the nurses through both of them (of course, we do not have the normal doctor-patient relationship. Calling your doctor "Greggie" transcends normalcy and gives the doctor certain liberties within the relationship - ie gossiping with the nurses).

3. Nick and Jessica - are they split? not split?

4. Ashlee Simpson - oh for God's sake she is 21 moving along.

5. Hubby actually finished his resume. I am mailing it out to everyone I can think of. FIND THIS MAN A JOB!

6. Carolyn went on a date, only she does not know it was a date. Gotta beat her over the head with it - I think this boy likes her!

7. Meghan can now open the fridge door all by herself. She gets her own bottle out. She is very funny - if there is no bottle in there, she just gets whatever she finds. So far today that has included a 2-liter diet coke and a half-eaten container of Rondele Garlic-Herb spread. She has also licked the fridge repeatedly.

8. Paris and Paris broke up. Good. She totally needs to marry for money, not for love. Guess he wasn't rich enough.

9. Lindsay Lohan is not getting enough attention. Poor girl.

10. Why in the world does Fez get so much play? He is not attractive! And yet he has done every starlet within 10 miles of Access Hollywood.

Enough cattiness for now. I will try and do better. I know I owe it to my public.

Both of you!



At 11:33 PM, Anonymous Steve said...

Step AWAY from the T.V.

Step away from the T.V. and no one gets hurt.

You MAY go see Flight Plan and Wallace & Grommit.

I'm sorry but "Lost" is just, well... lost on me.

At 7:34 AM, Blogger Shannon said...

I know, some of my friends are all about them some Lost, and then some got bored by the fourth episode and think I have lost my mind.

I have not been to a movie in over a year - too expensive, no babysitter, etc. But if I was going, I would definitely see those two!



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