07 September, 2005

Wacky Workday Wednesday, Freak of the Week, My Hero

Wacky Workday Wednesday
First of all, I can't believe it is already Wednesday. Or that I forgot WWW. So here goes:

Jeff and I were planning the HUGE event for the old employer and we had gone downtown to the venue to meet with them and negotiate all the freebies we could get. There was a new person at that company that year, and we did not know what to expect. But this was a HUGE company and we had enjoyed several years of very generous support from the old person, but now, well, who knew.

So we get there, a little early, and we ask the people at the desk to call the girl and tell her we were there, and we stood around for a few minutes and waited for her.

She came down the escalator, business suit, heels and hose, the twenty-something long hair, not yet cut for the corporate image but very business-like nonetheless. She must have figured out who we were (well, you know, since we were wearing our 'I work in non-profit' signs and ringing our bells) and we all introduced ourselves. I can't speak for Jeff but I was a little intimidated. We all knew who held the power. Then, shockingly, she said, "Why don't we go over here and pop a squat."

Do what?

And I am pretty sure that happened on a Wednesday.

Freak of the Week
I can't believe I was remiss in FOTW too! What is happening to me?

This week's nominees are:
1. Barbara Bush (the old one) - seriously, click on this link, if you have not already heard, YOU WILL BE SHOCKED
2. Michael Jackson - good lord. What makes him think we care? But if he raises the bucks, more power to him.
3. George W. Bush - for Roberts, for the federal response, for his mom, for so many other things.

You decide who you think the winner should be. I'm ticked at all of them!

My Hero
My new hero is this little boy. God bless him.

He is 6 years old. They found him on the highway carrying a 5 month old baby and being followed by 5 toddlers. He was their leader and their hope. He kept them together and alive, God only knows how.

This child is destined for greatness and in the face of something I can no longer try to imagine, he gave us hope, he gave us a story to remember, and he delivered 6 more little ones from the wrath of the storm and the aftermath.

I just have no words to express what I feel for him. My little hero - what a story!



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