10 September, 2005

Luxuries, Question of the Day, Sunday Sunday

I have decided that the greatest luxuries on this increasingly crowded, fast-paced world are space and time.

Both are (globally) limited no matter how much money you have, no matter what your station in life, no matter what your job or family or college degrees - we all get one earth and 24 hours in a day. So having enough room to feel free and enough time to enjoy life are the greatest, most priceless luxuries there are. Keep your designer labels, your Tiffany lamps and your gourmet kitchens (well, I'd take a gourmet kitchen!) but give me room to be alone when I need to and time to do what I want, and I think I can make the rest work.

Question of the Day
What must it be like not to worry about every penny?

That, to me, would be a luxury too. It has never been that way for me and I can't even imagine it. I can't imagine being able to do soemthing or buy something without checking the bank balance and what autodrafts between now and the next pay day. I have been reading a book called ""Excuse Me, My Life is Waiting" and it says you get what you expect, and what you fear, if that is what you think about most. So far this has proven to be true. So I am trying to think in a different way about money and food, especially, and try to not send the Universe signals that will being back to me more of the same of what I already have that I don't want.

I know, pretty new agey, but who knows - could make a difference! I know that negative begets negative, so maybe the opposite is true too!

Sunday Sunday

Big day tomorrow - Congregational meeting after worship to elect new elders (that's me). I am very excited about the possibilities and the responsibilities that being an elder will entail. I am humbled by the thought of serving communion. I am thrilled at the thought of leading the church and helping create a faith community that is a servant community, that leads by example, that opens its arms to the community around it and that approaches modern life through the lens of faith. I am honored to be working with and learning from Dr. Carl. He is wonderful...very inspirational and very willing to take a back seat to allow someone else to work on something (like the CDC board strategic plan - he knows how to do a strategic plan, but he let me lead it so I would know that I could.)

I think the thing I like best is that in the Presbyterian Church, or at least in mine, half of the elders are women. Women's voices are respected and requested and expected in our church, and that, to me, is a wonderful affirmation of my rights and responsibilities as a woman in the body of the church. Maybe I could never have been a minister, maybe I would not have been a disciple, but I can still, and should still, serve.

So anyway, the beginning of a new phase of my ever-evolving, always bizarre, very progressive faith journey begins.

Then we are going over to Carolyn's for lunch - she has lived in her new place since March and I have not been there yet (bad friend! BAD FRIEND!) Then I am working on my projects for the weekend - and I may actually finish my whole list!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and that your Sunday is restful, meaningful, and finds you open to receiving the little luxuries God gives us all.



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