08 September, 2005

Kissed by Autumn, Question of the Day, Evacuee or Refugee?

Kissed by Autumn
The past 3 days or so have been kissed by autumn - clear and a bit chilly in the mornings, sunny and warmer in the afternoons - it has been WONDERFUL!

I love this time of year. A few years ago I went to Boston in October to see my brother, mostly because I was craving the sight of the blue, blue sky that fall offers. You can see it best, I think, in New England. So I went, and man, did New England deliver! It was incredible! I will always, I think, want to visit places in the fall. The trees blazing, the air clear, the outline of everything crisp and definite. None of the haze of summer, the snow and fog of winter or the uncertainty of spring. No, not for me. Bring on the leaves changing, apples being in season, days getting shorter, nights getting longer and cooler, sweaters, stews and casseroles, Thanksgiving...oh, I just love it. It feels, to me, like coming alive again after hibernating in my cool, dark house for most of Spring and the whole of Summer. Yard work, projects, painting, writing, cooking, exercising, small-town festivals, time with friends.

Oh I am such a freak!

Question of the Day
What is your favorite sound?

Children laughing, handbells, a quiet phone, the girls chattering, Carl Castle's voice, disco music, George Michael's voice...the silence that descends after everyone else is asleep.

Evacuee or Refugee?
There is a growing debate over whether the folks forced from their homes due to Katrina are evacuees or refugees. I am going with evacuee. Refugee conjures up images of fleeing borders, political persecution, life or death, escaping a government that is trying to kill you, seeking asylum in another country.

See, if it wasn't for that "in another country" thing, refugee might be more appropriate after all.

Sorry, had to slide that in there!

Haiku Friday tomorrow, boys and girls.



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