30 September, 2005

Johnny-Come-Lately; Question of the Day; Fear and Loathing Update


OK, I totally missed it last year. It was not even a blip on my radar. I don't know why - maybe it was having a new baby and a new job, I didn't feel like I could commit. But now, suddenly, I HAD to see it! Of course, I did not want to purchase the season 1 DVD set. (I, silly woman, insist on gas and groceries instead!) So my husband found it for me and I have been watching an episode or two when I have had time. And Oh. My. God.

It is scary. It is awesome. It is clever and well-written and scary. Did I mention, scary? But I am so hooked.

When I was watching the first two episodes I had a brownie on a plate on my desk and I forgot they were there!! Me! Forgot about brownies!!

I have a new tagline for ABC - "TV so good, you forget to eat!"

So yes, I am a Johnny-come-lately with Lost. My apologies to those who have watched from day 1. But I am SO in!

Question of the Day
So, did you hear?

John Roberts was confirmed and sworn in as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. It all happened in what seemed like 20 minutes.

Anyone else feel like perhaps he was, I don't know, SHOVED down our throats? I am just sick. How much more conservative can we get? How much more damage is Bush going to do? How far backwards are we going to go?

I remember when we got married, the minister who married us was very old-school. He gave us a book from the 50's about marriage, and it suggested that perhaps I should iron a fresh ribbon to put in my hair just before dear husband comes home from the office. It also suggested that I should wipe off the coffee table one last time before he comes home, fetch his pipe and slippers and whiskey, and sleep in the other room if I were to be sick or, say, having womanly issues.

I fear that the trend in this country is heading back that way.

But not me. I have worked too hard and put up with too much crap to be a strong, independent woman who has chosen to try to have it all for Bush and Roberts and DeLay and whoever the hell else to legislate it away, or make me feel guilty about it, or take the choice away from my daughters.

I am pissed and it is on! Bring it. We are women, hear us roar!

Fear and Loathing Update
So I have talked to several people who had some (minor) credentials, as far as psychology and counseling go and do you know what they had to say about getting past the fear?




At 2:26 PM, Anonymous Steve said...

from a fellow Piscean... I think our politics are somewhat close. Having said that, I was surprised that Roberts was not substantially more conservative. I don't think we were going to get anything better, and the next nominee could still be a doozy. If things shift too far right it will just galvanize the left and bring some moderates that way.

Just remember to breathe and vote



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