01 September, 2005

Haiku Friday

Happy Labor Day
The weekend that summer ends
Hot till Halloween

Happy Birthday Jeff
You get better, not older
Be safe skydiving

Cookout on Monday
Should we cancel? Gas too high?
But we miss our friends

My baby brother
Going to be a daddy
Baby is a boy

Question of the day
Hardest part for me to write
Some days there's nothing

Today I ask you
What else would you like to do
Another career?

Chef, wedding planner
Writer is so obvious
Something creative

Reading an old book
Downtown, Anne Rivers Siddons
Atlanta, Sixties

Long day tomorrow
Salisbury Scavenger Hunt
Charlotte, where's your soul?

Pray for Jamie Blake
He's a soldier in Iraq
Met his wife today

She hates George Bush
She called him the MF word
As she pumped her gas

I just cannot bear
Anymore on hurricane
I can't miss a word

No dignity left
For the living or the dead
Please, God, get them out



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