07 September, 2005

A Corner Turned, Question of the Day, Hitched!

A Corner Turned
Looks like things are finally turning around for the Gulf Coast. Marginally. Millions have still lost their homes and jobs and family members, but at least there has been some hope restored.

I think I had such a hard time with the whole situation because I wondered if it had been us, would we have been able to get out? I kept picturing the worst case scenario - no money, no gas, 2 kids and a dog and no way to get to nowhere.

But I had to stop thinking that way - after I burst into tears driving home the other day, picturing us up to our necks in water in a fetid attic somewhere, trying to stay afloat, getting tired, so tired, and I just had to stop.

Instead I went back to the day the evacuation was announced and I realized that we had enough money and gas to get out. We could have driven to my parents or his or wherever. We would have been fine. And once I got there, once I figured out a way out for us, I was OK. I know it is ridiculous, but I just could not stop thinking about it.

But now the focus is on the evacuees - there are so many ways to help, so many things that need to be done. What is the greatest need? Where can I use my gifts to the greatest good? What does God want me to do? I am thinking about work teams, going down to help people with HIV get the care and support they need, adopting some of the animals left behind, something.

I think it is hilarious, and sad, that all the agencies coordinating relief are asking that people NOT bring used clothes. Don't know why that strikes me - except that I can see all the little old ladies bringing their long-dead husband's suits for the evacuees to fight over...

Question of the Day

Say it ain't so. I just don't like him. I don't trust him. I think he could be trouble for women's rights and all the other liberal leanings I tend to espouse.

What now?

Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong are engaged - I am happy for them! Congratulations - they look and seem to be very happy together and well-suited for one another.

Even in the face of disaster and horrible tragedy, celebs know how to divert attention away from the news and towards the gossip. And I, sadly, know just how to follow them.

Good luck, you crazy kids. Can't see Sheryl in a Vera Wang, though. This should be interesting!



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