16 August, 2005

What Up, Freak O' The Week, Question of the Day, Reflections (yet another blog?)

What Up?
Girl, it has been crazy! Friday through Sunday I was at a leadership retreat which was awesome! But, alas, no internet, no radio, no TV. So, I could not have posted even if I had had the time!

Then yesterday was crazy - getting our taxes done, meetings, a thousand work things to do and then Leadership homework too made for a full and tiresome Monday.

Today I finally got one detail on a project nailed down that the rest of the project hinged on, so I could move forward full force with the rest of the project, plus get ready for the board meeting and all that business. So it was madness!

I have missed posting everyday, though. And I have missed reading the blogs I like to read. Odd how quickly some things become habit, while other things that you work and work and work on never quite catch on.

Or am I really working on them, or just fooling myself?

Kinda think the latter, sorry to say.

Freak O' The Week
Drumroll please......

And this week's Freak of the Week is......

Our very own fearless leader and post turtle... (see the comments if you want to know about the post turtle bit)

George "Dubya" Bush!

Wanna know why? The Iraqi Constitution! That's why!

He actually believes that they can be done in a week. One of the issues they are still debating, discussing, and deciding on is what part Islam will play in the new government. Now I am no expert but it makes sense, even to me, a non-pundit, non-expert lay person knows that if that issue has not been resolved in the last trazillion years, who the hell thinks it can be resolved by August 22, 2005? George "Dubya" Bush! That's who.

At least that is what he is saying - and I know he has to say what he has to say to keep the resistance at a dull roar - imagine if he came out and said something like, "Well, we're pretty sure that you Iraqians are not gonna have your constitution thing done by next week. So I don't know what to tell you."

Cindy Sheehan would totally lose her you-know-what. And so would the families of the other 2000 or so families who have lost loved ones in this misguided, mismanaged, miscalculated, unnecessary war.

So congrats, Dub. You are the Freak o' the week.

At least!

Question of the Day
What is the best gift anyone has ever given you?

I don't mean the most expensive gift - I mean which gift has had the best impact on your life?

Santa brought me a typewriter for Christmas when I was 12 years old. I wrote more poems at that keyboard than anyone could have imagined. My words, typewritten, suddenly had weight and permanence and meaning, a whole different persona than when I put pen to paper and created poetry in my childish scrawl. These poems off the typewriter were grown up and were good...at least I thought so then! I also learned to write at the keyboard, and I just can't imagine these people who write it all out longhand then transcribe it into their computer. I am a long-time type-and-write-at-the-same-time type. Must be my inner "J" coming out (Meyers-Briggs for those of you who have done it. I am an INFJ. Used to be an ENFP. Whole other blog topic there!)

So, what did someone give you, perhaps unknowingly, that changed you forever??

Reflections (yet another blog?)
I believe I mentioned Leadership Rowan. And the retreat. Did I mention it was INTENSE?!

I learned stuff and thought stuff and figured out stuff that I never even imagined would come up.

I met people and had experiences with them that I can never describe to someone who wasn't there. We had mutual breakthroughs and deep talks and a bond that simply can not be understood by an outsider.

So I am thinking of starting a blog for all the LR class of '06, because if the rest of the year is like the retreat was, I am going to EXPLODE with all that I learn and think and all the inside jokes that are coming out of this experiences.

For example, "Jackasses!"

Now granted, that is a funny word on its own, but if you know the story behind it, absolutely hysterical.

So, yet another blog. I am thinking about it. Maybe I'll do a quick survey to see if anyone else would be interested. Or maybe I'll just do it and let people catch on in their own time. After all, is leadership about results? Or is that management? Maybe leadership is about something more subtle, more skilled, more beautiful than just managing. Maybe it is worth exploring, even if I am the only one.

After all, not all who wander are lost...(Tolkein)



At 9:39 PM, Blogger Shannon said...

Post Turtle

So some old Texas boys were talking and one said that George W. Bush was nothing but a post turtle. Sometimes you'll be driving down a lonely Texas highway and you'll see a turtle up on a post. You don't know why he's there, you don't know how he got there, and you just want to help the poor bastard down.



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