08 August, 2005

What If..., Buh-Bye, Question of the Day, A Voice Silenced

What If...
What if we started excluding people from jobs, say the military, police, fire, EMT, ministers, teachers, nurses, doctors, or even garbage men, because they had, say, red hair?

We say to young red heads, deciding on their majors in their first or second year of college, or maybe the end of high school, you know, I know we have shortages in these areas, and we'd love to have someone talented, energetic, and enthusiastic like yourself in one of these very important professions, because the blondes and the brunettes just can't supply us with enough people to meet the needs of our society, but you've got that flaming red hair and, well, it just wouldn't look good for a red head to be a (fill in the blank.)

Have you thought about being an actor or a designer or a chef?

Or maybe you could dye your hair? No, you're proud of your hair and you don't care who knows it? But it'll be so much harder for you...if you would just...no?

Deep sigh.

Well, there is nothing else we can do for you here. You know the risk you are taking. Someone will say something sooner or later and you can't say you didn't know...

This, I imagine, is what GLBT youth go through - maybe not quite so overtly or blatantly, and maybe they have not come to terms with, or begun to understand, their sexuality at that point in their lives. But the idea that we, as a society, have decided that gays should or should not hold certain jobs, should or should not answer God's call, is absolutely absurd.

I do not believe that a person can choose his or her sexuality. I did not sit down one day and say, "Boys or girls - which one works for me?" I always knew I loved boys and men. I can not imagine that the gay people I know and love sat down and thought, "You know, life is hard and it's a piss-ass world out there, but let me go ahead and be gay, too, on top of all that." So why does society feel it is imperative to exclude gays from certain professions? What gives anyone moral authority over anyone else? What gives one group the right to decide what options another group of people has?

Today the Lutherans are voting on gay ministers and gay marriage. I pray that they will do what Jesus would have done - accept and love and nurture and accept gifts from everyone who shows up. Gay or straight...because we are all children of God.

Sibling rivalry is an ugly, ugly thing.

Last night was the last episode of Queer as Folk. The alleged "shocking" series finale was not shocking in the least.

Justin moved to New York to pursue his art career. The lesbians moved to Canada to be gay. Ted and Tad broke up. Emmett and Drew broke up. Ted and Emmett went skiing and met new/old people. Ben and Michael are adopting Hunter. Brian, alone, re-discovered his edge, re-opened Babylon, and the thumpa thumpa keeps on going....

Kind of disappointed. I expected more of QAF. Kinda cheesy...but now it's over.

Buh bye, Queer as Folk.

Question of the Day
How did this book get published?

The Natural Cures book - $30 and it's by a guy with no medical training who is a convicted felon...

Damn. I am obviously not working hard enough on this book business and I don't deserve the success I crave....

A Voice Silenced
Peter Jennings died - he was 67. He had lung cancer. He announced it in March and now his voice is silenced. He had a remarkable run, a remarkable life and brought us news of the most pivotal and defining events of my lifetime, anyway.

Godspeed, Mr. Jennings.



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