31 August, 2005

Wacky Workday Wednesday, Question of the Day, Waves of Sadness

Wacky Workday Wednesday
OK, so technically the workday is over for me. But I promised WWW, and here we go.

WWW will be a place for me to post my funniest workplace happenings, and/or those of others when I run out of my own.

Unfortunately, perhaps, for future WWW editions, I am starting with the best.

When I worked at the now evil human services agency, back in the good old days when it was the most AWESOME place ever to work, my friend Brian and I had taken 15 for a Texaco break (15 for a Texaco break consisted of 15 minutes deciding to go to the gas station down the street, 15 minutes asking everyone else in the office if they wanted anything, 15 minutes to walk 3/4 of a block, make a purchase and walk back, and 15 minutes enjoying the spoils of our travels. Spoils of our travels ALWAYS included a Diet Coke each. Always. I told you before...I can not understate the importance of DC in my life. But not in this story.) So, we took our 15 for a Texaco break and we were on our way back, anticipating the delicious diet coke and Snickers (yes I am aware of the irony), when Brian looked to our left in the bushes in front of the office and what did he see there?

He thought he saw a decapitated human head. Brian pointed and screamed like a little girl. I started laughing and pointing at him for screaming, and then I looked and I thought I saw a decapitated human head. And I started trying to scream as I was laughing. And we looked again and saw that it was a bad, bad wig. And we were screaming and laughing and screaming and we had to get it together pretty quickly - after all, our 15 minutes were almost up... we were hysterical when we finally burst in the door, and we told everyone about the wig...and by the time people got out there to look it was gone.

And I am pretty sure it happened on a Wednesday.

Question of the Day
What is your response to the situation in NOLA and the gulf coast? I am anxiety-ridden, scared, prayerful, riveted, trying to imagine myself and my family in that place and I just can't. I can not imagine the grief, the loss of dignity, the loss of life, being hot, hungry, thirsty, nowhere to go to the bathroom, no medicine, no diapers, none of so many of the things we take for granted.

It really puts things in perspective and it makes me very, very sad. I wonder if when my kids are my age they will hear about the mythical city called New Orleans, drowned in a sea of ineptitude, indifference, and cold, dirty water.

Waves of Sadness
I am rescinding my crowining of FOTW - the people who chose to stay, yeah, they are freaks. But the people who had no means to leave and therefore no choice, they are not freaks. They are victims of circumstance and weather and the power of other people's denial.

For example...Marvin has a great quote and thoughts on this - Bush did not think, no one thought, that the levees at Lake Pontchatrain would ever break? I remember riding across that bridge as a child and thinking it was held up by magic. Apparently our fearless leader thought the same. That lake is half the size of Rhode Island. And so yes, New Orleans will drown. It makes me sad. It makes me mad. It makes me thankful to live on higher ground and to have luxuries like water, sewer, lights, food and water.

Godpseed, Big Easy. I fear here is the end for you. I pray for your residents to find safe shelter and the strength to rebuild homes, family, culture, and normalcy.



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