01 August, 2005

Sunshine, For Your Literary Diversion, Question of the Day, To Do List

The sun is shining!

I know, I hate the heat! I was happy when it rained! It cooled off, we didn't see the sun, and all was good!

But, in true fickle-girl, you-always-want-what-you-don't-have fashion, I began to miss the sunshine. Waking up to gloom, 5 or so days in a row, was making even this sun-hating, fog-embracing, reverse-SAD freak a little down.

But now the sun is out, it looks bright and sunny and fantastic outside. And I am sure it's hot as hell and as soon as I leave to go to the post office I'll be complaining about how steamy and awful it is outside.

I know, I know. My brother says I am worse than a girl.

For your literary diversion
I am having some difficulty deciding what book to read next. I really SHOULD read one of the many, many books I have purchased for work. They are not doing me any good sitting on the very impressive shelf in my office.

But even then, which one?

Leadership, By Rudy Guiliani
7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey
The Last Grant Writing Book You'll Ever Need - ??

I need to read them all, but instead of prioritizing and choosing one, I have procrastinated and chosen none. OK, I'm picking one...now....ummmmm.....

Question of the Day
What is the one thing you wanted that you never got?

For me, Brownie pants.

Inconsequential now, but it was a HUGE void in my life when I was in 3rd grade.

See, I was a Brownie Girl Scout. We had to wear our uniforms to school, and back in the day, the uniform was a brown jumper, brown and white blouse with the brownie symbol printed on it, brown knee socks, and of course the sash and the hat.

You could also purchase pants to match. Well, I asked for the pants for Christmas because when I walked to school and the gap between the jumper and the knee socks got cold! But, alas, no Brownie pants.

And now, I look back, and damn those things were ugly! And expensive!

But my knees would not have been cold. And my middle school years would not have been filled with gin and regret...I mean resentment and ill will towards the little rich girls who had warm knees and Brownie pants.

To Do List
I have done almost everything on my to-do list today!

I know, I know.

Short list!

Better get back to it.



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