07 August, 2005

Shocked Stupid, Family = Crazy, Question of the Day, Week Ahead

Shocked Stupid
As in, I had this big juicy piece of gossip that I got from Carolyn that I forgot to tell Jeff and he was very upset with me and my lame ass excuse was that it was so shocking I just forgot and I must have been...

"Shocked stupid??" Jeff asked sarcastically and with a hint of bitch in his voice.

I laughed out loud so hard I scared the children.

Now that, my friends, was funny. That is why we love us some Jeff. And that is why if Jeff and I met Kathy Griffin she would totally be our new best friend. She rocks! You have GOT to see her stand up act. I haven't seen her reality show yet (it's recorded, but definitely has to be watched after the kiddiewinks are in bed).

By the way, Clay is gay, Oprah really is a freak and Anna Nicole needs to limit her Trim Spa intake.

These are the things I have learned from Kathy and I know she's right because she is on TV and otherwise - you know it - laughed myself stupid.

Family = Crazy
This weekend was all about Bob's uncle and grandfather moving. Jeeezusss. They just love to keep some shit stirred up and some crazy going...this brother, that sister, you know who we ain't heard from, Aunt Sissy and her lame, mute, deaf and transsexual half-nephew...whew! I feel so dirty and redneck after a weekend of their craziness. They don't like any other races, ethnicities, socioeconomic groups, religions, national origins, sexual orientations, family structures or ideologies. They are like a reverse Statue of Liberty - keep your poor, your tired, your huddled masses, cause they might be different from us and we can't have that.

It just annoys me to no end, because I have worked very hard to overcome the racial and ethnic biases my own family burdened me with, and we have both worked very hard to raise the M's with no prejudice...and then these people just shove it down your throat...how rude! Get a life! Get a job! Get some tolerance and open your mind to the possibility that someone else might, just might, be just as OK as you are.

So yeah, family = crazy and I am very glad to be going back to work tomorrow...

Question of the Day
Me - hypocrite?

We all know that I have weight issues, and I have for most of my life, right?

And I try very hard to believe that a person should be judges by who they are and what they contribute to the world, not what they look like.

So then why, oh why, does it bother me that there is a fat kid in the new JC Penney ads for back to school?

Is it because she is the only one and it's obvious that she is the token fat kid? Am I brainwashed by the media to believe that only thin people "belong" on TV? Is it because I don't want to be reminded of my own childhood? Or is she a future BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) and I am threatened by her acceptance of her own body?

That's a lot to get out of a JC Penney ad....

Week Ahead

Cra-ZEEE let me tell you!

Monday - they are coming from the radio station where I won an award to take pictures.

Tuesday - Board meeting of the Third Pres Child Development Center

Wednesday - Who knows

Thursday - Leadership Rowan Banquet

Friday, Saturday and Sunday - Leadership Rowan Retreat

Woo hoo - busy!

But for Jeff's sake, I will try to keep posting daily with the exciting anecdotes, juicy tidbits, and hilarious hijinks that make up my life.

Have a great week, y'all!



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