18 August, 2005

Revolution, Consumption, Question of the Day, New Feature

Ok, so I was naive. I admit that. Naive and idealistic and, yes, foolish.

I thought that if your cause was compelling enough, if your letters were good enough and your brochure was flashy enough but not too flashy, people would give. Corporations would give. Churches would give.

Nothing else mattered as much as the cause.

This is how I have raised money for the last 6 or so years. And I picked a hard cause (HIV/AIDS). And I have been reasonably successful.

But now, this week, idea building on idea, incident on incident, and then it all came together in a flash of lightning and a puff of smoke and what feels like a waste of the efforts of six solid years. Wanna know what it is?

1. It IS who you know (or at least who your Board knows).
2. If you ask donors - individual, corporate, church - what it is that they want from you, and you find a way to give it to them, they will give.
3. If you don't know who you need to know, find someone who does.
4. Events are entry points. They should be getting donor names and information to use in the Annual Campaign.
5. Every letter has to be an awesome letter.

There are more subtle things that were reinforced to me this week- but these are the biggies.

Monday I am going to work on a way to package these for the board, and help our fundraising grow - bigger than we ever imagined.

1 week
2 events
2 unexpected places to drink
Very bizarre to me - must think more on this.

Question of the Day
Eminem in rehab?

Anyone shocked?

New Feature
I am going to institute a new feature on my blog -
Haiku Friday!

So tomorrow I will have a haiku for you and it will be meaningful and wonderful and/or about a story I see on Yahoo entertainment!

See you then -

"Spatula, I got two words for you - BE-HAVE" - Mother overheard yelling at her child on the streets of New York. (My friend Bill heard it - it's totally legit!)



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