03 August, 2005

Nerd, Benefits, Question of the Day, Early Days

I will admit that, to a certain extent, to the outside observer, I may appear to be a nerd.

I was never a cheerleader - I edited the literary magazine and won the writing award.

I always had 20 pounds to lose.

I made good grades, didn't drink, smoke, or have sex (until college, anyway). I was never late for class, never skipped class, always did my homework and made the honor roll.

So yeah, kinda nerdy.

But I may have crossed the line into a little more nerdy yesterday. But maybe, just maybe, I can view this...thing I did as a tool to manage my ADD rather than a headlong run into nerdland.

Here is what I did - I went to the Dollar Store and I purchased a 3-pack of tiny notebooks. My plan is to keep one with me all the time and write down ideas for my blog in it, and then when it's time to sit down at my computer and write this thing that you may or may not be reading (and further, may or may not be enjoying!), I will have some material to draw from.

So, nerds, look out. You got a new recruit. But I came in willingly, so none of you gets the points towards your new nerdgear. I do, after all, have some dignity.

Not a lot. But some.

One of the benefits of my job is that unless I have a meeting or something like that, I can work at home.

Bliss, I tell you.

Working in my PJ's for awhile...then in shorts and a t-shirt...having the TV on while I am working...reading the junk I need to read laying on my couch instead of sitting at a desk...damn, people. This is the life!

I am spoiled.

But this, I am sure, is not news to any of you...

Question of the Day
Eyebrows - why?

Somedays it seems that life would be a little simpler without eyebrows. I have eyebrows from hell - they're huge! I wax them into submission, but they seem to have a mind of their own, and they have decided they want to take over my whole face.

Thank goodness for Sally Hansen Wax Strips is all I can say!

Early Days
With the two kiddiewinks and the job and the life and all, I only seem to get to watch re-runs on TV. Every night before bed I watch Will and Grace - and they started the cycle over last week or so, and they are showing the really early ones.

It was awesome! Jack was a character, not a caricature. Grace was only a little bitter, Will was more bitter, and Karen, oh Karen. She was HI-larious.
The writing was awesome and they all seemed to look better (not just because they were younger and firmer, but they had better hair and clothes).

Anyway, I miss the excitement of finding a new great show...the upcoming TV season leaves little hope for that!

Earl, indeed!



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