04 August, 2005

My Baby, Sweating Like Hog, Question of the Day, Business Cards

My Baby
Meghan is most definitely mini-me.

Now when I found out I was pregnant with her, I said to her "Look, you are MY baby. Molly is definitely Bob's baby, but you, little one, will be mine."

Boy, was I wrong. She is just like me, but up until just recently, she much preferred her father's company to mine. Any time she cried, she cried until he held her. If she was hungry, he had to feed her. If she was wet or dirty or annoyed or wanted something different on TV, she went to him. When she was sick, only her sainted father could comfort her. She has thrown up on him more times than I can remember. (Silver lining - she has never thrown up on me!)

Lately she has been more into me, which is great. She gives kisses, she brings me stuff, she even says Mama, to a certain extent. And in all this newfound bonding between mother and daughter, here are the ways I have noticed she is like me:

1. Chocolate obsession: I was looking around for her yesterday morning and she was sitting in a corner licking the chocolate off the inside of a Twix wrapper. Unfortunately, I can't say I haven't done the same thing.

2. Impatience and low tolerance for frustration: This child will screech at the least little thing - it takes more than 1 second to fix her some milk? You can hardly hear yourself think for the wails that come out of this kid's mouth. Good Lord! And don't let something get on her nerves or be too hard for her to do - like, say, pulling the sit and spin out from under the play workshop. If it gets stuck on something and she can't get it out, she screams so loud that the neighbors come running. I, too, tend to be a bit on the impatient side and would love to scream like a maniac when I don't get my way.

3. Laughter - this kid laughs all the time (as long as she is not waiting for something or being frustrated by something). Everything is funny to her.
Me too!

4. Built like a tank - Molly is more willowy and lanky. Meghan is built like a tank. I am hoping she will grow out of it - not because I won't love her, but because I know how hard life will be if she has struggle with her weight like I always have, and I don't want that for her.

5. Selective about who touches her - I believe I may have mentioned that I don't really prefer for people I don't know to touch me. Skeevy!! Meghan, also, does not like to be touched unless she initiates it. Good girl! Let's remember this in 15 or so years!

6. Fearless - OK, this is not so much me. But she is a climber and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Ok, maybe, in some ways , it is me...just I'm more like that in a metaphorical sense...

7. Cute - she is disarmingly cute. Me too!

8. Gets mad at Bob when he yells at Molly - she can't say the words she is thinking yet, but she will definitely let you know that she thinks something is unfair and unjust. Have I mentioned....yeah, I like things to be fair.

9. Carb-addict- this child will not eat anything that looks like it might contain protein, except taco-seasoned hamburger meat. I'll eat protein, but I'd give it all up for an all-carb diet.

10. She loves TV - I love TV too!

Sweating Like a Hog
I went to work out at the gym last night at 9:00. I did about 12 minutes on the elliptical, and 20 on the bike. And I was sweating like I had just run a marathon. I had to cool off for an hour or more, then a shower, then I had to try and go to sleep - I did not fall asleep until after midnight.

But I did it!!

So now I gotta do it again. Every night. Forever.

No - no - don't think about it that way. I gotta do it tonight! Yeah!!

Question of the Day
How do you decide what is ethical or unethical? If you are an outside observer to a situation, or if you hear one side of the story but not the other, what qualifies you to make an ethical judgment regarding the situation?

It just annoys the crap out of me when someone things they have a higher moral authority than the rest of us, and they throw down the yellow ethics flag whenever they want, and yet they are being unethical all over the place.

What can I do? Seriously. It's getting out of hand.

Business Cards
I got my business cards yesterday - yay! I am official!

Now, who wants one?



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