26 August, 2005

Haiku Friday....Why? Haikus

Haiku Friday - Why?

Perhaps you have noticed...I am a verbose person. I like to write and talk and express and wail and carry on until everyone around me has dropped like flies, covered their ears, and begged for me to stop...

So Haikus, with their rules and their discipline and their 17 little syllables give me strict parameters and make me boil down my thoughts to their essence. At least that is the theory...


Days without posting
gastrointestinal flu
Not a pretty sight

Husband yells at kid
Kid cries but does not clean up
He needs a job now

Training this morning
Substance Abuse/HIV
Tough for a Friday

Question of the day
I will ask it in Haiku
No one will answer

If heaven exists
What will God say when you come?
What will you ask Him?

Britney looks like crap
Her belly is enormous
Baby Spears here soon

I will do better
Try to post every morning
Must get up on time

Haikus are not hard
Once you get in the rhythm
Think - 5-7-5

Almost time to cook
Dinner, the meal no one eats
Did I sound bitter?

Have a good weekend
Stranger-friends, as Rosie says
Please, leave a comment!



At 8:00 AM, Anonymous J- said...

I think your haikus are fabulous! I love Haiku Friday! Keep on rockin in the free world Miss Shannon.........


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