09 August, 2005

Freak O' The Week, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Question of the Day, But It's Not Even Labor Day...

Freak O' The Week
Happy Tuesday - you know what that means - time to crown the new FOTW!

And it's....(drumroll please).....this guy!

Bill Tangeman has made it his life's work to visit every Starbucks on the planet.

Or some shit.

He went to 29 in one day.

Do you know how much this freak must have spent on coffee?? I mean, really, people are starving!

Now here is my question - why? They all kinda look alike and they all pretty much have the same menu...why not just go to your own Starbucks 29 times per day and call it even? (You know there is one near him - there is one near everybody).

So congratulations Bill Tangeman, you are our FREAK O' THE WEEK!

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
I did not know that 15 month old children could be stricken with insomnia. Seriously.

She went to bed at 9. She was fine...sleeping like a little log. At 1 AM on the dot she screamed like a banshee and she was up until almost 5. We changed her, we fed her, we rocked her, we let her watch a little TV, we sang to her, we tried to give her some baby Motrin in case something was hurting, and do you know what she did? She threw up (on purpose - she did not want the baby Motrin, apparently), she watched TV, she faked asleep, let us put her down and as soon as she heard us sigh, BOOM she jumped out of her little bed and came running into our bedroom, trying to climb in our bed so she could wake us back up to play. I hope for her sake that she sleeps in this morning.

Good Lord.

Question of the Day
If you could see into your future, would you want to?

Would you want to know how it all turns out?

What if you had the power to change it?

What if you didn't?

I don't think I would. I think I will take my chances and make it up as I go along. There is such a thing as too much knowledge (I know that is shocking from a news and information, tips and strategies junkie such as myself), but I think part of the human condition, part of our reason for being is to learn how to deal with things, good and bad, as they happen.

So, no.

But It's Not Even Labor Day...
I got an email from Dr. Carl asking people to sign up to be in the church CHRISTMAS PLAY.

(whining) But it's not even Labor Day...

I know we will need to start practicing soon and all that, so as to avoid the spectacle that was the Easter Play. And I really want to do it - I love the spotlight! (No, you say, not you! Yes me!! I am a media and spotlight whore - even at church!) But I want to make sure I have the time to commit before I get involved. So, maybe I can be the Virgin Mary!

Chew on that one this morning, ladies and gents!

Love ya bye!



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