05 August, 2005

For the Love of God, Shame, Guilt and Remorse, Question of the Day, Shopping by Proxy

For the Love of God
Could people stop using ridiculous abbreviations? Please? I just do not have the time, energy, or desire to read something written like a vanity plate. You are writing prose, people! There is an ENTIRE keyboard just FULL of letters waiting to be used. And you don't have to pay extra - go ahead and use every letter. God wants you to. Bill Gates wants you to. That is why they are all on the keyboard!

I know this seems ridiculous, but as an English major...I just can't take it. They are massacring my language and they think they are cool. Instead they just look insane and ridonkulous.

ytd= Year to date, not yesterday
ur is not the same as your (and while we're at it, "your" is possessive, "you're" is "you are") (don't even get me STARTED on its and it's or there, their, and they're)
u r is not the same as you are

I know there are more but I am so cross-eyed from trying to read the dreck I can't even think. Arrgghh!

Shame, Guilt and Remorse
Ahhhh, my old friends. Can't quite figure you all out. Especially guilt.

Last night I was downstairs cleaning up. Bob brought the girls upstairs to play for a few minutes before bath time. I was emptying the dishwasher, putting away the toys, folding clothes, putting clothes from washer to dryer, from basket to washer, taking out the dog, tidying up. All the things one has to do (or at least things I have to do) so as not to come downstairs in the morning and lose my mind because everything is a wreck and the kitchen still smells like last night's dinner. Suffice it to say I was busy, I was not sitting my ass on the couch and watching old episodes of Friends and eating Edy's Rocky Road Ice Cream. That may have been what I wanted to be doing, but not what I was, in fact, engaged in. (That's where the shame and remorse come in).

So why did I feel guilty that I was not upstairs helping Bob with the girls? I know I am only one person, I know that what I was doing was, if not vital at least important, to keeping the household running, and I know that if I had been upstairs, I would have felt guilty that I was not downstairs cleaning up.

Where does this insane guilt come from? I am neither Catholic nor Jewish, but somehow I got the guilt anyway.


Shopping by Proxy
One of the things my agency offers is a food pantry, and by default it is my job to keep it full. So I am going shopping today.

I love this part of my job. It makes me so happy to know that the effort (writing the grant, getting the grant, getting the money from the Treasurer, spending a whole day shopping and organizing and loading and unloading) will directly benefit people - hungry people at that.

The hard part is shopping for people who may not like what I like. Knowing that if all I was buying were the only things I would be able to choose from for sustenance I would not be happy. I eat because I love food. I know beggars can't be choosers. But I try to get things I know people would like. Some things that are a little special. I buy the good tuna and salmon - I know generic is cheaper, but I want people to have food that tastes good. So on behalf of our clients, I am going shopping and hopefully picking stuff they will like and will keep them well-nourished until whatever emergency has sent them here is resolved.

Happy Friday, boys and girls. Take a load off - you deserve it!



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