26 August, 2005

Confidential to the ladies at the grocery store, Other notes from the week, A New Theory...

Confidential to the Ladies in Front of Me at the Grocery Store
1. If there is even the slightest possibility that you are going to crap your pants in public, please carry some air freshener spray with you in that big purse you have.

2. Chances are, at some point during the transaction, you are going to have to PAY. So why don't you go ahead and get your money out. I won't steal it. Seriously.

3. When you do pay, at 10:00 on a Saturday night, how about bringing something smaller than a hundred.

4. Get you some teeth. Then wear them.

Now I don't mean to be mean, bless your heart. But these things would help me not make that evil, exasperated, pissy face when I am at the grocery store to buy stuff to make a covered dish for church the next day.


Other Notes from the Week
Not too much going on - we have all had this stomach bug so much of the usual Shannon house hilarity has been strained at best this week. My pinched nerve has been acting up and last weekend's headache has basically gone but is still sending out flares now and then. I know, I know. I sound like I am falling apart. It's really not that bad, just been a pretty stressful couple of weeks. One thing I have not been doing is exercising, but I am starting back walking in the morning. I just have to. It's not fair to any of us to keep on like this.

So, that is my plan. Again.

A New Theory

Weight loss is like kicking a substance habit. I was at a Substance Abuse training this morning and several of the signs and symptoms of Substance Abuse apply to my relationship with diet and exercise. It was eye opening and scary but of course made me think of a book idea - apply the principles of SA treatment for weight loss...and chronicle it....and see what happens. I am going to talk to the trainer and see if she would be interested in working with me on it. We might be the next Oprah diet!

Or I might finally kick this addiction to Bojangle's and Sonic and Taco Bell!

Not much going on this weekend - as usual. Going to try to get some projects done - as usual.

Woo hoo!

C- you are in my prayers.

Have a good weekend and be safe, sane and consensual.



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