11 July, 2005

Welcome, Random, Poem, Question of the Day


So Friday night I said that I have a blog and someone asked for the address, so I sent it out. So if you are reading this, Welcome! Please don't judge and please come back because it will get better, I swear it will.

You gotta go...


I wrote this poem for World AIDS Day. I cried when I read it at the event. I have changed the name...but the sentiment is the same.

For Charlie

Small boy, he never knew
What made him sick
What all that medicine was for
What made him different

I couldn’t tell him
His mother forbid all mention of this disease in his presence
I could only hold him and love him

I want coffee, he would tell me
With 10 sugars but don’t stir it up
I want it to be really, really sweet at the end.

Carry me, he would beg.
I could not refuse, and though he was old enough to walk,
His legs, like my heart, could not bear the weight
-sfw (c) 2004

Question of the Day
So against my better judgment, I called my former intern and told her about a job opening at my former employer. You know, the crazy place. She knows all about the craziness. But I talked to Carolyn who said that I should tell her about the job and make sure she knows about the craziness, then it's in her hands. So that is what I did.

Is that what you would have done? The poor girl has a degree and works at Outback Steak House. She is dying to work in a human services-type job. So we'll see what happens. Whatever will be....will be my fault!

Peace Out


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