29 July, 2005

Socialism, Snob, Question of the Day, Jesus

OK, I think I am a socialist.

I believe everyone should, for the most part, be guaranteed a certain standard of living. Everyone should have a place to live, food, education, health care and child care. I think a person should aspire to more, of course, and should have to work to have more than the bare minimum. But I believe the disparity of wealth in this country is disgraceful. So few haves, so many have nots.

Homeless families. Children without health or dental insurance, older children staying home from school to care for younger children, hundreds of thousands of hungry people - men, women, children. Your neighbors? My clients, definitely.

How do we justify this? I don't mean the old white guy "I worked for what I have." Fine - good for you. What about the people who did not start on equal footing with you? Why do movie stars make millions each year and have every whim catered to while teachers start out making 25k and buy their own supplies for their classrooms? Why do daycare workers not get health insurance? Why do athletes make a zillion dollars a season and military families qualify for food stamps?

I guess it all comes down to what a society values, and what makes money for the people who have money and want more.

So, socialism. A viable option? Is it fair? Why does it matter so much to me that things are more fair?

I used to listen to the Craig Shoemaker show EVERY SINGLE DAY. I was in the Yahoo message group, I really liked some of the people I met. But they got to be a little hard core and there was a smidge too much drama for my taste...but I still listened to the show for awhile. For some reason, suddenly, I can't take it. It has not been funny or entertaining and it seems like everything for him is a struggle. One of the call in topics yesterday was Nepotism.


So I am listening to NPR from 12-3 now. I feel so smart! And I am such a snob. But I don't really care, I just want to be mildly entertained or at least enlightened.

Question of the Day
Does anyone else hate voice mail? It just annoys the crap out of me to have voicemail. I am also not overly thrilled with the phone in general unless I am talking to someone I want to talk to.

So basically I am a snob again!

Bob said that the crux of socialism (here we are, back again) is that you get something that you did not earn, did not work for, and under our work ethic, do not deserve.

Was Jesus a socialist? He offers something we did not earn, did not work for, and do not deserve.

Something for you to ponder over the weekend.



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