07 July, 2005

Party, Question, Terror, New Blog Title

We are hosting a party tomorrow night for Brian "Poodle" - he is home for the summer - my secret twin. We get each other like no one else gets us. Except maybe Chris. But he won't email anyone back so we don't know what is up with him.

Anyway - we are cooking WAY too much food and we are preparing for way too much drinking. Brian and I will end up trashed and everyone else will have 2 drinks. Oh well, more for us! I can't wait - we have not all been together in years! Years!

Question of the Day

How do you know when you curse too much?

When your husband gives you a dirty look every time you say the f-word?
When your 3 year old says "Get this crap off the table?"
When you realize that every other sentence you have said has had at least one curse word in it for the entire day?
When you have to concentrate on not cursing during important business meetings?

How do you know when it's time to simmer down? And how do you stop?

Terror in London, Terror in my heart

London is one of my favorite places. I love everything about it. I was elated when they won their bid for the 2012 Olympics. And then today...

I can not express my sadness about the bombings. I was telling Mari that this seems more real than 9/11 or Madrid because I have been to London and not New York, the Pentagon, Pennsylvania or Madrid; and the magnitude of 9/11 made it unfathomable for me, while the number of people killed in London is something I can imagine, I can picture, I can put myself or my family in, I can understand the perspective. That makes it scarier, more real, more possible.

Also, during 9/11, I was pregnant with Molly and I got so worked up I started having contractions and Dr. Greg banned me from watching any more coverage. No such luck this time - I can read it all day long on the internet. And I know every damn detail they have released. And tonight I will dream of busses split in half, dying in the tunnels of the Tube, fear, pure unadulterated fear. I am ashamed to say that terrorism works on me - I am terrorized. I so admire people who are not terrorized.

I also believe that when they say they aren't afraid - they are lying...to themselves most of all.


I have decided I need a better title for my blog. So I am working on it. Maybe making a list of words I like will give me a start.


Or maybe I should look for a phrase in one of my favorite books:

The Thorn Birds
Memoirs of a Geisha
Beach Music
The Lovely Bones
Anything by....Anne Rivers Siddons...Maeve Binchy....Dorothea Benton Frank...Barbara Kingsolver...Rebecca Wells...Rosamunde Pilcher
Most things by Anita Shreve (did not like All He Ever Wanted)

Or movies:

Steel Magnolias
Gone with the Wind
Run Lola Run

Or poetry:

I saw a man pursuing the horizon;
Round and round they sped.
I was disturbed at this;
I accosted the man.
"It is futile," I said,
"You can never -"

"You lie," he cried, And ran on.
                                                               Stephen Crane (I have loved this poem since the 9th grade). (Am I the man pursuing the horizon...or the speaker?)

I will work on it. Someone's blog I saw had a list of 100 things about the author. I hate to steal stuff - but that is very cool! I may "borrow and tweak" the concept for use here. I think it can be an exercise in self-awareness as much as an explanation for you of who I am - or who I seem to be.

OK, too many pain pills, too long with a headache, I am not making a lot of sense anymore.

See ya over the weekend!



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