28 July, 2005

Mr. Quackers Update, Question of the Day, Lipstick, Book Part 1

Mr. Quackers Update
Poor Mr. Quackers - he got puked on last night. So he had a bath in the washer and we are all holding our collective breath to see if he comes out in one piece, or if he is all...quacked up.

Now you KNOW I had to do that!

Question of the Day
If you were to go to Antarctica, you know, because it is soooo hot here, you would be at the bottom of the world, right? If you look at a globe, and imagine little people standing on Antarctica, they would be standing upside down. Right?

So would you know you were upside down? Would the blood rush to your head? Would you technically be upside down?

Thank God for gravity or those penguins would just be off flying in space, willy nilly.

I hate lipstick. Actually I don't hate it - I just hate that it disappears so quickly and it needs to be reapplied so often. Now I am a girly girl, don't get me wrong...I just don't like to stop what I am doing (blogging??) to put on new lipstick every 10 minutes. So most days I don't bother at all.

I really should...but oh well. Maybe I can put that on my self-improvement strategic plan.

Book Part 1
So I am working on how to organize my humor book. My childhood was FILLED with absolutely hysterical stories and I am not sure if it should be chronological, by main character, by theme, or at random. Any thoughts?

I already have the title and it is HI-larious. My goal is to be the straight female David Sedaris.

That may take awhile. That guy is a master! LOVE HIM!

Watch out for the bloggie monster, stay cool, and kiss your mom.



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