24 July, 2005

Moto-mandals, Question of the Day, 100 things

Yesterday the fam and I were out running errands and I spotted this guy on a motorcycle.

Helmet - check
Leather jacket - check
Jeans with chaps - check
Boots- DENIED!

This metrosexual parading and masquerading as a Harley guy had on MAN SANDALS.



So I am assuming that now both Mr. Harley and Mr. Davidson are SPINNING in their graves at the thought. I just hoped he did not burn his toes on the mufflers...those things get HOT!

Question of the Day
What is it about summer that makes me want to read these huge, sweeping, epic novels?

I am reading the Thorn Birds (oh, Meggie, oh Father Ralph. So tortured. That book is rife with tragedy, I can only take so much at a time. I have read it so many times I know when it's coming and I cringe, I stop reading, I stall...but I always come back).

Next up will be Beach Music by Pat Conroy or Coming Home, September or The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher. I want to read these huge books. I don't know why.

And I have read them all before, too many times to count. But their pull is irresistible, my desire to read and read and read insatiable. This was not a problem before kids, but now...it's hard to read enough to satisfy this burning appetite for other people's tragedies.

Maybe I think I can escape some fate of my own if I suffer enough with the characters in my big novels.

100 Things
OK, it seems all the bloggers do this. So here we go:

1. I am married, have been for 12 years.
2. I would get married that young again, but I hope my children don't.
3. I have 2 girls, Molly and Meghan.
4. My husband wants another baby.
5. I don't know if I do or not.
6. If we do have another baby I hope it's a boy - otherwise there will be way too much drama in our family!
7. I am the oldest child. So is my husband. We both think we know everything and should be in charge.
8. I have a degree in English.
9. Because it was easy.
10. And because I wanted to marry rich and be a writer.
11. I dated rich and married for love instead.
12. I have ideas for 3 novels in my head.
13. I think I should be a humor writer before I take on novels. Easier to finish.
14. I have a problem finishing things sometimes.
15. I love Harry Potter.
16. I am a Presbyterian.
17. I am the director of an AIDS service organization.
18. I don't have HIV, but for some reason the issue evokes enormous compassion in me.
19. I have lost too many friends and clients to this disease.
20. I am a very liberal democrat.
21. I believe in finding your talent and using it to make the world a better place.
22. I have great artistic vision, but no talent to put it down on canvas.
23. I love to cook.
24. I hate to clean up.
25. I do think it's all about me, sometimes.
26. I love to read.
27. I love to entertain.
28. I wish I did not have to worry about money so much.
29. I have never broken a bone.
30. I am scared of the dentist.
31. I have not slept a whole night since November of 2001.
32. I am tired.
33. I watch too much TV.
34. I love sitcoms.
35. I don't really like music all that much.
36. I can be found reading, watching TV, eating and talking on the phone at the same time.
37. I will not use the bathroom while I am talking on the phone.
38. The weeks I do not have any after-work meetings are like heaven.
39. I need to lose weight, like a lot.
40. I don't mind exercising, but it is SOOOO HOT right now (July).
41. Sometimes I think all my problems would be solved if I were thin.
42. What if I lose the weight and the problems are still there?
43. My desk is always a mess.
44. I can procrastinate like nobody you have ever seen.
45. I am very spiritual.
46. I am very funny and witty, I make my friends laugh a lot.
47. Sometimes I think I am too mean when I am funny.
48. Sometimes I think I am too nice in real life.
49. My favorite color is purple.
50. My favorite movie is Steel Magnolias.
51. My hair is very important to me. I want it to look fabulous all the time.
52. I have a southern accent.
53. I know you would think that I was stupid if you heard me talk.
54. I am actually pretty smart.
55. I used to want to be a nurse.
56. The I worked in a nursing home and changed my mind.
57. My nails always look like crap.
58. I don't have any piercings or tattoos.
59. Except my ears.
60. I love southern cooking.
61. I love French cooking.
62. Also Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian, Cajun, and Mike Caulder's Irish Champ (Charleston)
63. I have a terrible sweet tooth.
64. My GYN is gay. And he is the best doctor I have ever had.
65.All the walls in my house are white. For now.
66. I tan very easily.
67. I hate birth control pills.
68. If you cut me open, I would bleed diet coke.
69. Seriously. I cannot over emphasize the importance of diet coke.
70. On my desk right now is a coconut carved into two monkeys lighting a bong.
71. I have never smoked pot.
72. I have never done any illegal drugs.
73. I used to be able to outdrink everyone I knew.
74. Now I have 1 diet white trash and I am slurring my words and smiling too much.
75. I hate getting migraines, unless I have time to lay down in a cool dark room and get over them. Then they are tolerable.
76. It took 7 years for me to get pregnant with my first baby.
77. It took less than a year to get pregnant with my second baby.
78. I never told my husband that I wanted Meghan's name spelled like that because of the Thorn Birds (I know, hers was Meghann, but somehow that did not fit my baby.)
80. I do not like romance novels.
81. I have so many books that they won't all fit on my bookshelves.
82. I belong to BJ's but I wish there was a Costco near us instead.
83. I have brown eyes and brown hair.
84. I color my hair frequently...no grays, please!
85. I prefer Clinique skin care and makeup.
86. I love lotion, body wash, special soaps, and exfoliating scrubs.
87. I hardly ever, almost never, wear perfume.
88. I hate to wear shoes.
89. I love purses.
90. I love microwave popcorn.
91. I hate to take my lunch to work.
92. I would live in London in a minute!
93. I love to talk on the phone to friends, but I hate to call people I don't know.
94. I have a partial hearing loss.
95. I still get acne.
96. I am a morning person.
97. I love a good nap.
98. I hated everything about High School.
99. I have 4 email addresses.
100. I check them all obsessively.

Have a good week!



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