27 July, 2005

Messy, Attached, Natalee Holloway, Question of the Day, Gin and Regret

Molly is messy. So am I. We can't help it. I leave shoes everywhere and I hate to put away clean clothes. I only make my bed on special occasions.

But Molly, Molly is far worse than I am. Molly is happy as long as there is a semi-clear path to walk. She does not care if her Barbies are mixed up with Little People and Legos. None of her Barbies or baby dolls have clothes on. Under her bed looks like a minefield. And she just does not care. No amount of yelling or time out or taking away toys or TV has made her neat. And I am beginning to fear it never will. Now this is a problem because Bob is a neat freak.

He claims.

I think he WANTS to be a neat freak, but is actually, deep down, just like us!

Meghan is suddenly attached to her stuffed duck, Mr. Quackers. Molly had a favorite stuffed animal way younger than Megs has...Molly has Coco the Monkey. Coco went everywhere with us for awhile - church, the doctor, the grocery store. But Meghan has not really shown any special affection for one stuffed animal over any other. Until now.

Now Mr. Quackers is big, and Meghan has trouble carrying him around. He's not very toddler friendly. As she is carrying him, she grunts with every step. So in the morning when she wakes up and gets out of bed, I can follow her progress to our room by listening to the grunts. Eventually, she slings Mr. Quackers up my bed and shrieks. She made it, and now someone else can carry Mr. Quackers around for her. Aaahhhh, the joys of being a baby!

Natalee Holloway
Let me preface this by saying that this whole thing is a terrible tragedy. It looks now that several young lives have been ruined. And for what?

What is the lesson we are all supposed to learn from Natalee's tragedy?
Not to travel? Not to talk to strangers? Not to go out after midnight? To keep our eyes on our children every minute of every day? That nowhere is truly safe? That seemingly benign decisions may have tragic consequences? That boys are not to be trusted, that every girl, every woman is a potential victim? That something bad could be waiting around every corner?

Or that life is short, so do what you want? That you just don't know, and you can't anticipate every outcome so you just have to do the best that you can?

What does her mother, her father, the chaperones, her classmates think? What are they taking away from this?

Question of the Day
I saw the news story about the twin boys who need heart transplants, and it broke my heart.

It made me wonder, morbidly, how would you choose who got the first heart? We can assume that two hearts would not come at the same time - I suppose the doctors probably decide, give the first heart to whichever baby has the best post-transplant prognosis.

Or would they give it to the baby who needed it most at that moment?

As a parent, would you let the doctor decide? Would you insist on giving it to the baby you choose? What criteria would you use to choose?

Please, God, don't let that be me. Ever. I can't foresee a happy ending to this story for anyone. Life is hard, and sometimes I just don't know how people live through the things they are asked to live through. My prayers are with those parents and doctors. And with the people who must lose children in order for these two to receive transplants. What a horrible, horrible thing.

Gin and Regret
On a lighter note, favorite TV lines of all time that I can think of before 8AM.

"Well, well, Karen Walker. I thought I smelled gin and regret." - Will and Grace, Beverly Leslie

Ross: "There's nothing wrong with speaking correctly."
Rachel: "Indeed there isn't." (both over-articulating)

Ross: "It's the Holiday Armadillo." dressed in an armadillo suit, trying to teach his kid about Hanukkah

Contestant: "Debinitely up the butt, Bob." Newlywed Game contestant to Bob Eubanks in response to the question "Where is the strangest place you have ever made whoopee?"

OK, I am sure there are more, but I can't think yet.

What are your favorites? Comment, and I'll post them.

C-ya l8r! (Good God I hate that!)

Bye guys!


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