31 July, 2005

Lazy Days, Mormons Calling, Question of the Weekend

Lazy Days
I don't know what is wrong with me, but I have been soooo lazy this weekend.

On Friday afternoon I made a list of goals for the weekend. My shower is filthy, the baby's closet needs to be cleaned out, the whole house needs to be dusted and vacuumed, the flower beds need weeding, the grass needs cutting and there is a mysterious rusty stain running down the side of the house that needs to be cleaned with CLR or some other toxic chemical. All of these things were to be rectified by, well, now.

Guess how many? (Based on the title of this section, most of you will have guessed "none.")


But I did finish a fantastic book (Coming Home by Rosamunde Pilcher - 972 pages) and wrote the beginning of the last chapter of one of my books and pulled out my lone David Sedaris tome to read and get inspired by (notice I did not say I actually read it - just located it and pulled it off the crowded shelf which needs to be organized)...so the weekend was not, I suppose, a complete washout.

I did manage to keep the family fed and watered, got some laundry done and got to Level 11 on What Word - Yahoo Games.

Yeah, totally worth it. Later tonight I will be watching Queer as Folk (2 episodes left! The Lesbians are threatening to move to Canada) and Celebrity Fit Club 2 (apparently Buddy Lembeck and the drill sergeant have it out. ENJOYABLE!)


Mormons Calling
So we did not go to church today (shock!). But that's OK, God got even with us.

He sent the mormons calling.

And get this - it was 3 girls. Sister Bloom (hopefully her last name), Sister Katie, and Sister Allie.

They were all blonde with blue eyes and healthy, natural glows. You could tell they had never been plagued by acne, 10 extra pounds, or doubts about Joseph Smith and his experiences in the wilderness. They were very sweet and very much in love with their religion. But I am so sorry, it is not for me.

No chocolate or diet coke (caffeine). I believe I may have mentioned before the importance of diet coke. Seriously. Scratchy undergarments, loads of babies, kids on missions for a year after hugh school, grinding your own flour, keeping a year's worth of food on hand in case of hard times. Lots of stuff (some of which may or may not be Mormon - my Mormon friends did all the aforementioned and blamed, or credited, being Mormon when questioned about it, so I am telling you what they told me. I could be wrong.)

I am impressed with the depth, breadth, and consistency of their faith. Skip church because they were tired? No way. Chocolate to cure PMS - even just a little piece? No way.

I would never make it. And if they knew all about me, they would not want me!

Question of the Weekend
Not too deep today, folks.

How do you sort your laundry?

I am a freak.

Light clothes, light towels, dark clothes, dark towels, medium clothes (if there are two loads of mediums, then they get separated further into light medium and dark medium.) Sheets are separate, as are dishtowels.

My parents have ceased all laundry sorting. Whatever the hell is dirty gets washed. So what if your towels all turn pink and your black pants have white towel lint all over them?

I cannot begin to imagine.

I do remember the first time I put a sweater in the dryer.

Surprisingly, it dried just fine. And no one died. I just knew it was going to shrink to the size of a child's sweater, or come unraveled or just explode and turn into dryer lint. But, somewhat disappointingly, it was fine.

So I am most assuredly a laundry freak! Laundry freaks of the world, Unite!

Assuming you can stop sorting long enough to unite with the rest of us. It may take me awhile...



At 8:05 PM, Blogger buttonchops said...

This guy at work swears his Mormon classmates in med school drank coffee in disguised mugs. Kind of an "I knew this guys who knew this guy, who had a brother" kind of story, I know.

At 9:43 PM, Blogger Shannon said...

How could anyone, even a Mormon, survive med school with no coffee?

I'm pretty sure they get a pass!!


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