10 July, 2005

It's Hot; Party Debrief; Question of the Day; Title Part 2

It's Hot

It's hot. I mean really hot. At church this morning the AC was not on until a few minutes before the service started (saving money - or someone forgot to turn it on?) and it was so hot that the pastor never even put on his robes, and halfway through the second hymn took off his jacket, and asked the old guys in the congregation to do the same so no one passed out. (The young guys like Rob were already in shorts......)

It is too hot to eat a Krispy Kreme doughnut. The thought of one, while usually a direct link to the purchase and consumption of one...or more...currently makes me feel nauseated and disgusted. Now THAT is hot.

It is so hot that when you go outside, you immediately begin to sweat. I don't mean glow or glisten or perspire, I mean sweat. Attractive.

I just don't like summer...and I never will!

Party Debrief
We had a lot of fun Friday night. My goal was no dogbites or wine spills, and we were successful in meeting those goals! The food was great (good job Bob, you da bomb). The company was fantastic, and the kids were all adorable and played together like little super best friends.

Brian looks fabulous - I do not know how much weight he has lost but he looks better than I think I have ever seen him. And I know that means he is healthier, and that is more important, even, than looking good.

I know, I know. I'll get my honorary gay card taken away for spouting such rubbish - we all know it is better to look good than to feel good!!

Anyway, after I took 2 pain pills for my head I had 2 vodka and diet sprites (Yes, the infamous Diet White Trash) and my headache was gone! Yay!

All the way until today when I went out in the heat and sprayed weed-I-cide on the lawn. Now, the headache is back. But I digress.

I think everyone had fun and I, for one, was very happy that everyone was able to be here - Patrick can kiss my ass (packing - whatever!) and John already had "plans", but maybe they can be here next time.

So, bottom line, we had a great time and if I could afford to entertain every week I would definitely do it!

Question of the Day
Is it rude to ask someone if they have lost weight and if so how much and how?

Why? Why not? What if it was you who had lost the weight - would you be embarrassed or flattered or both?

I have found that anytime I am losing weight I get off course as soon as someone notices. What is that about?

Title, Part 2
Another favorite movie which may provide the title for my blog...
Monsters Inc.

"I have a plan. Using mainly spoons, we'll dig our way out of the city..."

So my blog could be called "Using Mainly Spoons"

That could definitely be it!


To Julius Peppers -

Girl, you might want to do something about those ears. They can tack those things back for you, you know.



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