14 July, 2005

HOA, Question of the Day, Random


I am on the board of the Homeowners Association for our neighborhood. I did not want to do it, I wanted Bob to do it, but he is not a joiner, so here I am. I have to work with this woman who is a nazi about enforcing the covenants...although it still looks like the ghetto sometimes, so I hate to think what it would be without her...

Anyway, we had 2 hearings scheduled for tonight, neither person showed up, they are both getting fined $50 a month until their issues are taken care of. If they don't pay their fines, we can foreclose on their houses.

What the hell would we do then? I am so new to all this, I probably should not be on the board. But no one else will, so I guess it is just me and T!

Question of the Day
What would we do without DVR?

There were literally thousands of hours of TV I was not watching because I did not trust my VCR to tape it right, but now, with DVR, it is seriously idiot proof.


Celebrity Fit Club 2 - whenever I want!
Old Will and Grace - whenever I want!
Love Actually - recorded it like 2 months ago and still have not had time to watch!
Monk - whole season, along with The 4400, and the latest Queer as Folk!

All filling up my DVR!

No pressure...or anything...


I got nothing today.

Well, let me think.

www.boredatwork.com - always good for a laugh as long as you are not easily offended.

www.dearabby.com - she's a freak!

Things I Love
My family
Dr. Phil
Celebrity Gossip (People magazine and US weekly are like crack - have I mentioned that?)
Entertainment talk radio
My job
Being a mom
Matt Damon
Brooke Shields - for standing up for us all
Having the eye of the beholder
Gratitude - giving and getting

Things I Hate
Bad drivers
Summer - heat, humidity, ugh
Kevin Federline and all his ilk
Bad grammar and spelling
Political talk radio
The current administration
Seeing people suffer
Ben Stiller
Ben Affleck
Pretty much any famous person named Ben
Tom Cruise - for the way he is crucifying Brooke Shields
Stupid Advertising
Bad writing
The way internet news outlets add one sentence to the beginning of a story they have been adding to all week and act like they have a whole bunch of new info
Jerky guys
Bitchy women
people who hurt children

I think that is enough for now.

Nighty night


At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Spike said...

how can you hate Ben Stiller? Just wrong!

At 4:24 PM, Blogger Shannon said...

He is a FREAK!

And I hate the Fockers.


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