26 July, 2005

Heat, Question of the Day, Meme, Meetings

My god, could it be any hotter? All I have been eating is bagels and cheese, it's too hot for anything else. Tonight - salad. I just can't stand much else.

I want to be in the pool, in cold water, out of the sun. This heat is the killing kind - it is heat that makes you nauseated. It slows you down, makes you lazy and stupid. Makes you want to lie in the dark with a cool cloth on your head and no one talking.

And today is the hottest day of the year...and the AC at work is out on my side of the building. Thank goodness I don't have to be here this afternoon, that I have a meeting in Charlotte.

It's a languid, steamy heat that makes you dream of old lovers, underwater swimming, slow moving fans, flies, tropical plants and bright, beautiful, otherworldly flowers.

Question of the Day
How far would you go to keep a family secret?

I believe secrets grow and fester and gain power when they are kept. When secrets are told, they lose their power to destroy, to poison, to hold its keepers hostage.

When secrets are kept, there is always the fear that one of the keepers will tell - on purpose, in anger, by accident...

When people live a lifetime believing one thing and then the secret is spilled, and those beliefs are proven false, it is a death. Death of different things depending on the nature of the secret - but a death, nonetheless.

So I will not keep family secrets.

Well, except that one.....

What the hell is a meme?

I know the technical definition - but I am not sure I totally understand.

But I saw this on someone else's blog under the heading "Meme" so I decided to....borrow it.

10 CDs I'd want with me if I was on a deserted island (with, apparently, a CD player and electricity)

1. George Michael, Greatest Hits
2. Garth Brooks, Greatest Hits
3. Cyndi Lauper, 12 Deadly Cyns
4. George Michael, Faith
5. George Michael, Amazing
6. Maroon 5, Songs about Jane
7. Hootie and the Blowfish, whatever the first CD was
8. Norah Jones, Come Away with Me
9. Harry Connick Jr, When Harry Met Sally
10. Amy Grant, A Christmas Album

That's it - and I don't want any crap from you people - I know George Michael is on there 3 times. Bite me!

Meetings without purpose make me crazy. CRAZY I tell you. Yesterday I met with someone who told me the same things in the meeting that she told me over the phone. What was the point of that?

Now I love a good meeting with action steps and something actually comes out of it.

But I think I have been to about 3 of those in my life. Today will not be one of them, I don't believe.

I will, however, get to leave at noon and not come back to the office, so it could be worse...

Peace out, bloggie friends.

Stay cool


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