18 July, 2005

Celebrity Fit Club, Friends and Neighbors, Drama, Question of the Day

Celebrity Fit Club
I had Bob DVR Celebrity Fit Club (CFC) so that Carolyn and I could watch it. She came over last night and brought a delicious dinner - veggie lasagna, cheese bread, and Oreo Cheesecake. YUM! So we ate until we were WAY too full and then we sat down to watch all the overweight has-beens get weighed, get yelled at, and blow a bunch of smoke. It was great!

I had made an appetizer, and it did not get all the way done (it was cream cheese topped with herbs and garlic from my garden, all wrapped in crescent roll dough. Apparently I did something wrong because the outside of the dough was beautiful and the inside was not just gooey, but completely untouched by heat.)

So, as we are watching the aforementioned overweight has-beens, we are scraping cream cheese out of unbaked bread and spreading it on crackers. No, the irony did not escape us.

We got it.

So that Gary Busey is a FREAK (Freaking Right-wing Extra Annoying Kook) who has acronyms for every word. I couldn't keep up with them all, but he had ones for TEAM and DOUBT and FEAR.

He is first-class weirdo material.

And Jackee - who the hell does she think she is? I could just kick her in the head and take her weave. She was just plain mean several times, and there is really no call for that sort of behavior.

Tocarra - beautiful, but good God her boobs are bigger than mine! And that is saying something.

Willie Aames - who knew he'd end up being the nice one?

Jani - aww, honey, you can't be a cryer - you're the lead singer of Warrant! Here ya go, have another piece of cherry pie.

Victoria Jackson- daddy issues. Poor girl. Oh my.

Phil - go Phil! You can do it!!!!

Wendy - back again, huh? First time didn't take? It's OK - we believe in you! And we know where you are because we have been there too.

Friends and Neighbors
I always thought that once we bought a house we would be best friends with our neighbors, or neighbors with our best friends, and we'd have dogs and kids and people in and out all the time. Guess not - it's a bit more like living in the apartment, where no one spoke (well, unless you count doing drug deals as "speaking."). I don't know what to do, other than randomly ringing doorbells and begging people to be our friends.

Or, coercing our friends into taking over the neighborhood- that would be even better! And, considering how far north we live from downtown, infinitely more difficult!

Today has been so Monday all day. First, I got all the way to the Treasurer's office and remembered that I did not bring a really important check that she needed. Then I went back and got it, got my check, went to the bank, and headed back to my office. I was all the way to the highway when I realized that I had not dropped off the stuff to the attorney that I was supposed to, so I had to turn around and drive BACK downtown, then once again head back to my office. I am never that disorganized - what is up?

At least I got it all done!

Question of the Day

If you could go back to high school and change one thing, what would it be?

I would have lost the 20 pounds then...the moment I realized it really does matter. Maybe now I would not have so much to lose!

Who knows what could have different without those extra pounds? Well, no one does, and there is no way to ever know, but I suspect some things, boy-wise would be different, and perhaps I would have been more willing to be involved, I could have been trendy - all the things adults tell the fat girls "don't matter - as long as you are pretty on the inside."

What BS.

High school is not about the inside. It's about learning to play the game, and I fear that I never learned, I never played, I just sat on the sidelines and waited until the inside DID matter...

Is that good or bad?



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