12 July, 2005

Bedtime, GYN visit, Question of the Day, Miscellaneous


If it was a perfect world I would be in bed by 10, watching TV, and asleep around 11, then up around 7. Sometimes it works out that way - more often, it does not. I don't know why these kids cannot go to bed. We have obviously done something horribly, horribly wrong. Meghan is actually pretty good about going to sleep, but Molly fights it like crazy. She has a biorhythm like Bob's - up all night, sleep all day. Drives me nuts.

So, I am trying to get them to bed a little earlier, so I can get to bed at a decent hour and not be cranky.

GYN Visit
I promise I will not share too much...

Last year after Meghan was born I developed a postpartum edometritis...e.coli. I had to go back in the hospital and stay for a week and I was really sick. My greatest fear was that I would not be able to have another baby if I decided I wanted one. So I was kind of nervous about going to the doctor yesterday...I knew I needed to ask the question but I was not sure I was ready to hear the answer.

But he says that if I want another baby, this "One time event" should have no effect on my body in the future - no permanent damage, no impaired fertility, nothing bad! Yay!

Now, I just have to decide if I want to have another one.

But I am not even going to consider it until Meghan is potty trained and Bob has a job!

Question of the Day
Why the obsession with laser hair removal? Suddenly everyone is having all their body hair permanently lasered off. What is this about?

I too would love to have it done but it costs a freaking fortune. And what if it becomes fashionable to be all hairy and gross again someday? All of these hairless old people will be walking around taking Propecia and rubbing rogaine on their legs and underarms....

Now there's a visual for ya!


Saw a picture of the always TRASHTASTIC Britney Spears at the premier of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Her hair and makeup looked good - her tshirt was stupid, but at least she and K-line looked like they climbed out of bed an hour before to shower and try and look like something other than the white trash we all know they are.

Have you heard the Aquafina commercials that sound like Irish drinking songs but they are about water? OMG they crack me up. Too funny.

So it only took the Met a week to figure out who was behind the London bombings.


And they are overhauling our alleged Homeland Security yet again. Boy oh boy do I feel safe.

I am being "Locked Up for Good" to raise money for Jerry's kids. I have not raised my bail. Anyone surprised?



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