22 July, 2005

Addiction, Going Back, Question of the Day, Anniversary

OK, I have no desire to admit this, but I am totally addicted to blogging - reading them, writing them, hoping for comments, watching my counter. Just the whole idea that I can have a glimpse into someone else's life is fascinating.

I have, however, noticed some things on which I must comment:

1. No offense if you are a high school girl, because you will grow out of it, but high school girls are silly and full of crap. You think you know love? You think you know pain? You think your parents are horrible and school is hard and if you just had that new whatever it will all be better? Just wait. You don't know anything yet!

2. A lot of people who have blogs seem to have them for the sole purpose of using the f-word a LOT. I mean, come on. I say it a lot, but in writing??

3. If you want people to come back to your blog, name it something we can remember. And match the name and the URL. Yeah, that'd be good.

4. Many people lead very boring lives. And yet I can't help but read.

5. Many people are as broke as I am. I am not sure if this is good or not. Pay attention, Mr. President!! We are telling the truth!!

6. Many people are much better at the technology part than I am. But I am working on it.

7. Who the hell voted for George Bush? Not the bloggers, no siree.

So, Jeff and I are both totally addicted. I guess it could be worse. It's not like we are shooting 8-balls in the alley behind the Texaco while we beat off the hookers and the hustlers who are after our clean needles...

Going Back
I am not one to go back. I graduated college in 1995. I have not been back to the place from whence I graduated, nor do I have any desire to do so. Of all the people I have dated, I have not spoken to any of them at least in the last 13 years. Nor will I. I don't go back. I am not friends with them and I don't want to be. We broke up for a reason, and I just don't need anyone else's BS in my life.

People I used to be friends with but lost touch? No.
High school reunions? Absolutely not.
People I used to be friends with but it ended badly? No.

Bob and I can never get divorced...not that we would, because he is the love of my life, but since we have children together we would be forced to go back. And we don't do that.

Jeff, however, has no trouble going back. He is friends with his exes. Which leads us to....

Question of the Day
If your ex invited you, just as friends, on an all expenses paid first class trip to NYC (for him/her to receive a HUGE award from their company), would you go?

I would never be invited, see, because I don't go back. But I totally think Jeff should go. Even now, years after they broke up, they are friends and are putting in time in the relationship and they travel well together...so why not???

12 years ago on Sunday, I pledged my love and my life and forsaking all others, married my husband. It has been a wild, wonderful, scary, beautiful adventure that has been totally worth it. We have two amazing daughters, a lovely home, and a very happy life.

So, thank you Bob. Thank you for deciding I wasn't too hard to love, that I didn't ask more than I have been willing to give, and that I had something to give that no one else did. Thank you for marrying me. Thank you for being on this ride with me. When I look at our children, when I look at our life together, God affirms himself. He believes in true love, and so do I.

Because I found it.

I love you. You are my forever valentine.


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