27 June, 2005


National Counseling and Testing Day.

We tested 10 people. I am drained.

And I will tell you that I am aware of how ridiculous that sounds. 10 people - whatever!! There are many people who are paid much less than I am that do it all day long every single day...but I am used to being removed from the drama by several layers. So I am emotionally worn out. But I am hoping that I gave some people peace of mind today...at least.

And I am totally addicted to www.postsecret.com...it is AWESOME and I wish they would post secrets every day.

Interesting that I am fascinated to read people's secrets on the internet but when they tell me their secrets face to face I am extremely uncomfortable and I take on pain that they are not necessarily trying to give me.

Maybe it's a judgment thing - I claim not to be judgmental but I secretly am...maybe...and by reading things by myself I can judge all day long but when someone is sitting in front of me I have to maintain the blank face of acceptance. And that is hard for me to do - sometimes.

I think I did ok today though.



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