27 December, 2004

Holiday Afterburn

Well, it's all over.

Even the crying!

The girls had a wonderful Christmas. Molly even got her Wiggles Dancing Guitar. Her Aunt Ami and Uncle Kevin gave her a Barbie Dream House. Uncle Jason and Aunt AmyLoo gave her a fire truck playhouse. Meghan got a Peek-a-boo Block Train, a Noah's Ark Little people play set, a Block and Go Hippo, and other cool stuff. Both girls got rocking chairs from my folks. Cute!

Could you ask for any more at 3? Or 8 months?

Meghan was miserable the whole weekend - her father, who now qualifies as saint, has held her since Wednesday. In his lap is the only place she has been happy. Period. No other family members got to hold her or play with her at all for the whole weekend. Ear infections are the worst!

I am sure he is glad to be back at work - without a baby in his lap!

For the first time in many years, we went to church on Christmas Eve. It was amazing. Our friend Holly M., who is an elder, served us communion and it was very special. That was the most meaningful part of the whole holiday - the fact that we made an effort to make it holy again.

This week is "Boxing Week" at our house - sharing our excess with others. I wish we could do more - and we are going to find a way to - but right now there is about .61 in the checking account and 1/8 of a tank of gas in the car.

But it breaks my heart to imagine others with nothing. So we are doing what we can, and trying to teach our children how very lucky we really are.


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